Trapped In the Snow? 11 Things To Do On a Snow Day!

1. Cook Something New

Why not put on your apron and bake something special or cook up a feast for your roommates or yourself? Offer to make dinner or maybe some tasty snacks, or go for the gold and bake a cake, cookies or a delicious bread!

Try these recipes for banana bread, chocolate crinkle cookies, or red velvet cake. Not into baking? Try making homemade pizza or buffalo wings!

2. Play Board Games

I don’t know about you, but there is really nothing better than cracking open a few beers and playing a board game with your friends on a snow day.

My roommates and I loved to play Scene It!, Outburst Remix, card games, Boggle and Bananagrams!

3. Pick a Theme & Watch Em’ All Day

Like scary movies? How about comedies? If you or your roommates have a diverse collection of dvd’s, why not pick a movie theme and watch a bunch all day?

If you’re looking to watch some funny movies, make it an Adam Sandler theme and spend the day watching flicks like Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison, the Waterboy, Big Daddy, Click, or whatever you like!

4. Order In, Veg Out

Got a craving for Chinese? How about pizza? Hit up your local bars or restaurants and order some delivery. By ordering in, you can keep off the snowy roads, stay in your pajamas, and spend the day lounging with your roommates!

5. Play in the Snow

Since you probably shouldn’t drive, get moving by going sledding, building a snowman, having a snowball fight, or taking a walk through the freshly snowy campus.

6. Make A Snow Cone

Remember how much you loved these when you were a kid? Scoop up some snow (make sure it’s not yellow) into a cup, and pour some grenadine or drink mixer over the top.

If you want to get fancy, throw a shot on top and make it an “adult” snow cone.

7. Poker Party

If you have never played poker, it’s relatively simple to learn; all you have to do is look up how to play the game online, play a few hands, and you’ll be an old pro.

Invite some of your neighbors over, set up some chairs at your table, pour some drinks, and get a game going!

8. Make a Fancy Brunch

There is no better way to celebrate a snow day than sleeping in and making brunch around 12pm. Of course you could easily head to the dining hall, but why do that when you can make it at home and it will taste 1000x better!

Cook up some eggs, french toast, bacon, home fries, whatever you like; your roommates will love you for it!

9. Curl Up With a Book

Put down the textbook and pick up that book you’ve been meaning to read. Get into bed or hang out on the couch with a blanket and get comfy.

For girls, one of my favorites is Eat, Pray, Love and for guys, I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell.

10. Snuggle Up With Someone

Catch up with your man/lady by making breakfast together then snugging up on the couch all day watching your favorite television series.

11. Warm Up With Some Holiday Cocktails

Try some of these warm holiday cocktails; they’re easy to make and sure to warm you up on a cold day!

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