Young men in college listen up: a new study has revealed that the best online line for men to use on women.

A survey conducted by dating website, which has over 90 million registered members around the world, claims to have found “the holy grail of flirting.”

The site analyzed the success rate of lines from 200,000 online flirtations over the course of one month and used the data to create a “Compliment Success Index.” Users of the site were given the option to use one of 12 lines which compliment one particular part of a woman’s body or appearance. Researchers then looked into the line’s ability to bring forth a response and to see if it increased the length of the conversation.

The survey shows that the best chat-up line is:

“You have beautiful lips.”

You may think girls respond best to this line because it makes them feel like Angelina Jolie, but behavioral psychologist Jo Hemmings claims women find the compliment to be a bold and confident approach that is successful because “what many women want is for men to take the initiative and not be wishy-washy.”

Author of the book, “Love Signals: A Practical Field Guide to the Body Language of Courtship,” David Givens believes that complimenting lips work because women place a lot of attention on their lips.

“From adolescence onwards, they cosmetically adorn their lips, applying lipstick and colors. They have been doing so since ancient Egypt.”

While complimenting lips is the best line OVERALL, there are other lines that worked better for women from varying countries. So boys, take note on what to say to international girls and women:

-British females preferred compliments about their legs
-Spanish females preferred compliments about their hair
-German & Canadian females preferred compliments about their skin
-American, French, Italian & Brazilian females preferred compliments about their style–they were more responsive to “you dress beautifully.”
-Dutch & Portuguese females preferred compliments about their “beautiful ears.”

Oddly enough, complimenting a girl’s eyes didn’t top any of the lists. Perhaps because it’s become overused and a cliché?

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