Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for 2011!

2010 is almost gone and this New Year gives an opportunity to start fresh, forget about the old, and embrace the new things that are coming our way.  It also gives us an opportunity to make declarations to make adjustments in our lives.

The top 10 resolutions this year are:

1. Get on a diet (Lose weight)

This popular resolution is one that is usually made every year.

After winter comes spring, which means spring break, so shedding a few extra pounds to look good while lying on the beach in that swimsuit is a top priority for most people during the New Year; especially for college students.

Staying consistent with your diet and weight loss plan will get you looking lean in no time.

2. Exercise More

This goes hand in hand with resolution #1, but being fit is not always about losing weight. Some people exercise to be healthy or gain muscle mass.

3. Stop Drinking

This is a toughie for most people who drink consistently. If you’re a social drinker then this shouldn’t be a problem for you, but for those who drink more than than average may want to limit their daily intake.

4. Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking is not just a change for the New Year but for a better change for life.

The average smoker who has made the pledge to quit has tried 3 or 4 times before actually putting the cigarette to rest. It’s quite a challenge to go through, but definitely not impossible.

5. Spend More time with family and friends

Half of Americans this year said that they wanted to set more time aside for family and friends in 2011.

It’s easy to get lost in studying and school work with the busy schedules that you may have. In the New Year, take the time to call your family and make plans with friends not only because it makes them happy, but because it makes you happy, too.

6. Enjoy Life More

A busy schedule can make you a Debbie Downer, and a good way to get rid of that is to set aside some time for yourself to just enjoy life. In 2011, enjoy yourself and do some of the things that you are passionate about.

7. Be More Organized

If you’re completely cluttered (like me), getting organized can be a difficult task sometimes, but keeping your space in order can make getting things done a lot easier.

8. Get Out of Debt

With the state that our economy is in, keeping money in your pocket is a not an easy task and unfortunately, it is easy to fall behind in bills and payments. Make an effort to budget yourself and watch your expenses.

9. Help People

This New Year is not all about you!

Helping people can be a great way to give back to the community. This resolution can be done in many ways.

Whether its giving advice to your best friend, donating or doing volunteer work, non-selfish acts are a good pledge to the new year.

10. Learn Something New

Learning new things has become easy enough for you to not even have to leave your home ever since the internet. Adding something new to your lifestyle can be liberating. Try something different; a little education goes a long way.

As you watch this year leave and make resolutions for the new one, remember to stick to the promises you make to yourself, because we all know resolutions are easier SAID than DONE.

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