Imagine logging on to your Facebook, checking your requests and realizing that your mom or dad is asking to be your friend.

facebook parents

So what do you do? It would be rude to deny them; they’re your parents. Do you limit what they see on your profile? Do you delete your Facebook all together to avoid the embarrassment?

Facebook, which was at one time, just for college students, has been opened up to the world for quite some time now and since then a plethora of people have hopped on to this social network. This means your Mom, Dad, your crazy Aunt Nancy and even your grandma can join Facebook.

But is it really that bad having your family members as facebook friends?

My Mom, Dad and grandmother have had a Facebook for quite a while now. I’ll admit that when it first happened I was mortified and didn’t even want to accept the requests but aside from the long discussion about some of my pictures, it really hasn’t been that bad.

However, some parents aren’t as easy going as mine and many young people have been the victim of an upsetting Facebook status or comment. There’s even a website dedicated to all the embarrassing things parents say and do to their kids on facebook

But we have to realize that parents have their own agendas and reasoning’s behind adding themselves onto a social network.

They’re not out to get us by leaving comments or posting up those horrible pictures from middle school, they just love us too much. Some jobs even require that you join a social network, and if you have one might as well befriend your own son or daughter right?

So suck it up and accept the request. Just make sure you set boundaries for your parents to abide by.

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