My most recent journey was to the movies to see Tron.

As college students, a big part of our lives in finding entertainment for after-class, on the weekends, and while hanging out in the dorm. Sometimes it is nice spending hours on end watching a trilogy of epic movies or a marathon of your favorite TV show. You would be surprised at how easy it is to find new DVDs online. Best part about online shopping is it is cheap, easy to use and they deliver right to your door step. This can definitely be a good thing if you are not particularly fond of buying DVDs at a local electronic store. So when I find a great movie to share with other students, I jump at the chance!

At first, I was a little skeptical because it’s a Disney movie and I felt that the action parts wouldn’t be as intense because they were going to keep it PG for the kiddies. But the trailer was incredible so I thought “there is no way this movie can be wack.”

This science-fiction movie is based on the adventures of the main character, x, who is “abducted” into a computer where he is forced to participate in gladiator-type games as a means of escaping the world he has entered.

I did a little research on its history and it is something spectacular.

The trailer for the 1982 film is out on the internet and I literally had to laugh out loud. The graphics are HILARIOUS! Below is a video to the 1982 trailer because I just had to share it with you:

The 2010 version of Tron is on the same level as Avatar! The graphics are amazing and YOU would love it. What were your thoughts on the movie?

In peace , love and happiness


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