Everyone falls in love. And everyone, even if it is unconscious, wonders if that person is THE one.

It’s not an emotion that everyone likes to flaunt around because in actuality, some may be ashamed to admit it. But when you noticed your girlfriend leaves her hair all over the bathroom sink after brushing it, you wonder if you can handle it for the rest of your life. And when you noticed your boyfriend leaves socks in every corner of the apartment, you ask yourself if you will have the patience to pick them up forever.


Don’t freak out, though. College Cures has simple hints… here are some tips to ease your mind:

Signs that you should keep HIM

1. He has a great relationship with his mother

This is one thing you need to pay special attention to. Why?

Because the way he treats his mother is the way he will probably treat you. If a man respects his mother, he will then see every woman with that same respect (especially if she treats herself as such) because he will envision his lady being the mother of his kids. And what (cool) husband wants to see his (amazing) wife being treated badly?

2. Self-Sufficent

Being self-sifficent is a unique quality in a man. And if you find one, keep him!

This will tell you something extremely simple: he doesn’t need you to wash his clothes, cook for him, clean for him, or fetch him beer… because he can do it himself. If he views you as someone to complete his chores, he probably doesn’t view you as much else.

3. Mentally Stimulating

A smart man = a sexy man. And this doesn’t mean he has to be a rocket scientist or the inventor of the next renewable energy source. It simply means that you can hold an intellectual discussion with him.

4. Family Man

Every woman wants a man who can hang for a casual family movie night, right?

If he loves his family, treats them right, and would do anything in the world to spend the holidays with them…that’s your guy.

5. He gets along with your friends

You love to hang out with your friends, so it only makes sense to have a partner who can casually hang out with the people you vibe with the best. If your friends don’t like him, then you have a problem.

6. The Ex-Factor

The ex is never mentioned or brought up! He is so into you that there is no comparison.

Signs that you should keep HER

1. She’s your trophy

When you take immense pride in being able to take your girlfriend to work, a family gathering, a date, or out on the town, you know she is a keeper. She is your greatest arm accessory.

2. The SPACE is provided!

EVERY man needs his space. You enjoy hanging out with your friends so that you can stretch your arms, sit down on the couch smothering the seats, burping, sipping on your beer and scratching…well you know. A woman who can RESPECT that, is queen.

3. I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T

Don’t be afraid of the type that can take care of herself… Congratulate the fact that she is woman enough to have her own goals, have her own dreams, and shoot for them. Because if you are ever out of a job you don’t have to bite your nails thinking that your house will be taken away–you’ll be able to breathe because your woman has your back.

4. She has become one of the guys

When she is invited into the man cave, she is the one. Enough said.

5. She hates sports, but loves watching them

She loves watching them because of one thing: you.

6. Cool and collected

The emotional, vulnerable, drama queen that society refers to as women…is not her. She is cool and collected at all times, hating to find herself in drama and the he said/she said.

If your significant other is in any of these categories, take it as a sign from above 🙂

In peace, love and happiness

Bianca Salvant

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