Improving Yourself and Your Life Through Beauty and Fitness with Steph Costas

Hey guys! I am so excited to be here on College Cures! When Brett Napoli contacted me and asked me if I would join the crew as a contributing writer – the answer was an immediate yes!  A new audience and more room on the internet for me to share my journey and motivate other women to join me? Yes!!!

"Strong is the new Skinny"-JNL

This is my first post on CollegeCures, I’m used to blogging  on my own website “Real on the Inside” but I have a feeling we are going to have a very good little relationship going here!

Who am I?

I ask myself this everyday… just kidding! My name is Stephanie Costas and I am a beauty expert, fitness motivator, and a self motivated and inspired weight training addict!

Steph Costas - Fitness Motivator
Meet Steph Costas - Beauty and Fitness Motivator

I am addicted to a lot of things

Steph Costas - Beauty and Fitness MotivatorAll of these things have to do with my appearance. I describe myself as self motivated because my journey is about finding inspiration in my every day life that motivates me to do things to better myself. We live fully for one person in this life. That person is you, why not treat that person like gold?

Loving yourself, and taking the best care of yourself physically is so important, and it is a big responsibility. Thank goodness it’s in your hands!

Looking your personal best is all about working with what yo mama gave ya! You accentuate your better features and work on the things you don’t like about yourself. Don’t talk about them, work on them! Telling your boyfriend “I’m so fat, I need to start going to the gym”, really won’t do much, except turn your boyfriend off. Confidence is sexy!

I know its tough to know where to start if you aren’t already on the beauty and fitness train, and that’s what I am here for. If you already are then I commend you and encourage you to stay tuned for my posts because I have lots of tips, advice, and inspiration for you. I want to be your online beauty/fitness coach, let’s do this!

Steph Costas - Fitness Motivator

I have tons of experience and education under my belt in the wonderfully superficial industry of beauty. Working years as a model and beauty expert – I want to share my knowledge with you guys.  I have so many secrets you need to know. Us girls can be so weird. When we discover something great for ourselves we keep it a secret. ‘Beauty Secrets’ are stupid.  Share your damn knowledge and let’s make this world a lot better looking! Anyone who is passionate about the same things I am, already has my respect and I am more than happy – in fact excited to help you out!

I appreciate the women who wake up a little earlier in the morning than the rest of the world even with a busy day ahead of them (work, school, kids, LIFE!) to do their hair/makeup and hit the gym.  Becoming one of these women is empowering, sexy and can better your life in every way. Studies have shown that attractive people get better jobs so let’s make some money!

The saying ‘well, at least you looked good doing it’ says it all. No matter what happens in your day (life’s a bitch sometimes), looking good makes it that much better.  You can call me shallow if you want, and if you read my personal blog “Real on the Inside” you would know that that’s no insult to me at all. I am strictly superficial when it comes to looking good. As long as you’re real on the inside, fake on the outside is totally okay! LIVE IT! LOVE IT! EARN YOUR BODY! MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Steph Costas - Beauty and Fitness Motivator
Make it happen!

I love when people look good. It excites me.

Steph Costas - Fitness Motivator

Like, it really does. I will compliment a random stranger on a perfectly applied set of false lashes, or a perfect makeup application. It’s rare to find! But when it’s done right, it’s a beautiful thing; we need to support each other and let each other know we appreciate that time you took this morning to get ready! We notice! You look good! You’re awesome!  Take the time to let a sister know. Especially because we are always so quick to judge the mistakes.  I know there are a lot of girls out there who will feel me on this one — how many times have you been in the bathroom at the club and cake face walks in with one of her eyelashes dangling off the end of her eye with chipped black nails and a mini skirt with no tan? Unacceptable. We notice. Let’s bump up the positive reinforcement and help each other out.

I am always happy to help the intoxicated girl in the bathroom touch up her lip liner or eye liner. Seriously, why do this inebriated? If you apply your makeup properly before you leave the house, you won’t need a touch up! (I’ll teach you my tricks later). Anyway, what I am getting at is that this is a sisterhood! We can’t let each other wander back into the club looking like Tammy Faye! (R.I.P!). Help a sister out.

I don’t share makeup (and neither should you) but have had moments in public where I have sacrificed an entire bronzer block to help a sister out.

My friend caught this moment on camera. In the photo to the right is when I noticed I was busted.

My friends always laugh about this, because it is a little extreme, but girls appreciate it! I wish I had someone come out of no where and give me a touch up during the day if I needed it – we all have our moments!

She had the prettiest eyes, her eye makeup was applied well and looking good, but no bronzer. I’m not trying to be Snookie here and get all tanorexic on you guys, but it’s part of the package. If you are going to be white (which can be a good look too) do it right! If you are going to be tan, do that right too (eww spray tan streaks!)

Well now that I have introduced myself and given you guys a feel of what I am here for and what I’m all about, I welcome ALL suggestions/ideas/insults/positive+negative feedback either by commenting below or e-mailing me!

Steph Costas - Beauty and Fitness Motivator

I look forward to the relationship I am going to have with my new readers and love learning about what you do to stay sexy, look good, be fit, and feel good about yourself.

I look forward to touching on everything from nails/makeup/hair, to working towards 6 packs, and a tight booty!

For the latest updates check out my blogfollow me on Twitter @StephCostas and find me on Facebook.

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Photo Credits: Photos by Franco Valerio

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