Learning how to put on your face can be a challenge.

Especially if you haven’t been doing it since you were 10 years old. But this is okay, because you aren’t alone (I am guilty).


So, here at College Cures we’ve collected several tips to help you when you’re searching for a natural look. Because after all, men are attracted to YOU, not the mask.

If you are a college woman looking for a more natural look, clearer skin, or just need general makeup and skin tips, read on!

1. Take Care of Your Skin

This is the first step in anything because the last thing you want to do is use your makeup to cover acne.

Using makeup to cover up pimples only makes your acne worse and will be more difficult to handle. If you have sensitive skin, you don’t want the makeup to irritate it even more.

Find a face wash that works for you and get your acne under control first. After this is accomplished, then you can look into wearing makeup.

2. The Key Word is Natural

When you finally decide to wear makeup learn how to do so in moderation. For instance, whenever you can go without wearing makeup, do so.

You won’t die from leaving your house without concealer, and it also gives your skin a chance to breath because believe it or not, foundations and powders can be suffocating on our pores; especially if you wear makeup every single day.

3. Getting the Foundation Right

This is usually the most difficult task when it comes to buying and applying makeup. Many women just don’t know which color is right for their skin tone.

This requires a lot of research and time investment because you don’t want to walk around with a face that is lighter or darker than the rest of your body. Start with a foundation that blends with your skin so you can avoid the “mask” look.

Once you have accomplished finding the perfect foundation, simply play with your face: learn how much is too much, etc.

4. Don’t Go Overboard

When you have succeeded in finding the perfect foundation, throw on some lip gloss or mascara and call it a day. When you are trying to achieve the natural look, don’t over do it. You should let your natural beauty speak for itself.

The world wants to SEE you, not your makeup!

5. Always Wash Before Bed

Yes, it has been a long night and yes, you are very tired. But your face would appreciate it if you washed up every night.

Not to mention, when you are 50 looking 30, YOU will appreciate it!

In peace, love and happiness


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