I think I have an obsession with comedians who make fun of/impersonate people from the Jersey Shore.

I can’t help it though, it’s just too funny! So when I find a good comedian who can do a nice Guido impression, you’re going to hear about it!



Bret Ernst is one of those really funny comedians who seems like he isn’t even trying to be.

He speaks to his audience as if he is hanging out with a group of friends and is casually bringing up a comical anecdote, which I think, is something all comedians strive for (well maybe not Kat Williams, but he is just crazy).

His anecdotes range from making fun of Guido’s, clubs featuring techno music, and stories about his Italian family.

Reasons why I like him:

– He went to Long Island University (I only know 1 other person who went to school there)

– He appeared in Ke$has’ video Blah, Blah, Blah as a skeevy guy hitting on her outside the bar

– His brother, Keith Ernst, is also a comedian (runs in the family, whaaat)

Check him out by clicking the links above, he is guaranteed to make you laugh!!

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