New Year’s eve is around the corner, and I can only predict how quickly “hangover cures” will become the number 1 searched phrase on Google January 1.

We’ve shared hangover cures that work, best drinks to prevent a hangover, and hangover cures around the world–now we’re sharing hangover cures that our ancestors used.

Granted, you probably won’t dare try any of these remedies yourself, but browse these ancient cures to appreciate how “pleasant” our remedies are.

1. Pickled Sheep Eyes

Outer Mongolians allegedly consumed pickled sheep eyes in tomato juice to prevent the symptoms of a hangover!

2. Rabbit Dung Tea

In the Old West, cowboys and drunkards alike would drink tea made of rabbit feces.

3. Bull’s Penis

Sicilian men believed the dried bull penis was the cure for a hangover.

4. Bird Beaks & Myrrh Oil Potions

Ancient Assyrians consumed a specialized potion that was made of a bird’s beak and the oil of the Myrrh tree.

5. Deep Fried Canary

The Ancient Greek would deep fry a canary in the belief that it would eliminate a terrible hangover.

6. Sheep Lung with a Side of 2 Owl Eggs

Ancient Romans would breakfast on Sheep lungs with a side of two owl eggs the morning after drinking too much.

7. Eel & Almonds

In the Medieval period, consuming eel and bitter almonds was the readily accepted remedy for drinking too much.

I can’t speak for everyone, but I can guarantee that if I lived in any of these era’s, I would never drink alcohol.

Happy drinking this New Years, be safe and have fun!

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