Champagne Cocktails for New Years 2011

Looking to liven up your New Years with some champagne cocktails? We’ve got 10 amazing champagne cocktail recipes that are sure to take your New Years eve to the next level!

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1. Classic Mimosa

– 1oz Orange Juice

– 3oz Champagne

Pour orange juice into the flute, top with champagne.

2. Blue Miami

– 1 Shot Cointreau
– 1 Shot Blue Curacao
– Champagne

Pour both shots into flute, top with champagne.

3. Japanese Typhoon

– 1 Shot Midori
– 1/2 Shot Lime Juice
– Champagne

Shake Midori and lime juice with ice and pour into flute; top with champagne.

4. Black Velvet

– Half a Flute of Champagne
– Half a Flute of Guinness

Add Guinness to flute, top with champagne.

5. Player’s Passion

– 2 oz Cognac
– 2 oz Alize
– Champagne

Add Cognac and Alize to flute, top with champagne.

6. Russian Berry

– 1/4 Shot Creme de Cassis
– 1/4 Shot Lemon Juice
– 1 shot Chambord or Other Raspberry Liqueur
– 2 Shots Vodka
– Champagne

Add the lemon juice, Creme de Cassis, and Chambord to the flute, next add the vodka, then top with champagne.

7. French Martini

– 1 Shot Chambord
– 1 Shot Pineapple Juice
– 1 Shot Vodka
– Champagne

Pour Chambord, pineapple juice and vodka into flute; top with champagne.

8. Southern Belle

– 1 shot amaretto
– 1 shot apricot brandy
– Champagne

Add both shots to the flute, top with champagne.

9. Magna Carta

– 1 oz Well-Chilled Tequilla

– Lime Juice & Salt

– 1 oz Well-Chilled Triple Sec

– Champagne or Sparkling Wine

Dip the rim of the flute into the lime juice then into the salt to line the rim. Pour in the tequila and triple sec, then top with champagne.

10. Poinsetta

– 1 oz Triple Sec

– Champagne

– Splash of Cranberry Juice

Pour triple sec into flute, fill with champagne, top with splash of cranberry juice.

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