Graduate In 4 Years Without Overwhelming Yourself

Have you ever sat down and wondered what you were doing wrong in school?

Do you watch your friends graduate while you are still struggling to keep your head above water? Well, if it isn’t too late, there is something you can do to get on track and stay there.


Many academic advisors suggest that students take 15 credits during each semester (this excludes summer term). I have learned, however, that if you take 12 credits per semester, a balanced load, you will elevate stress from your life.

You will find that you’ll have more time in your day to study, have a job, or simply have fun! You don’t have to kill your social life in order to be successful in school.


Don’t go home for the summer, take more classes!

Yes, being away from your family is hard and spending holidays alone is pretty depressing,

But it is important for us to understand that being in college is a temporary situation. Which makes it easier to think that all of the separation from your family is simply a sacrifice that has to be made in order to be successful and independent for them.

If paying for summer classes is your concern, don’t worry too much. There is financial aid available for the summer term also. In order to get the financial aid, however,  you have to fill in the right spots on your FAFSA application to qualify.


Communication with your professors is a must!

Building a solid relationship with you educator is an important and vital part to your college experience.

Being able to talk with your professor can do several things: collect recommendations, sympathy (if you ever have a bad night and miss an assignment), and a passing grade!


Next thing you know, you will be submitting an application for graduation!

The time would have probably gone by faster because you elevated some of the stress associated with college.

Next time you are in the process of registering for class, take into consideration that pacing yourself is the most important part of approaching graduation smoothly.

In peace, love and happiness


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