Under 21? 21 Things to Do Before You Turn the Big 2-1

OK…so you’re not 21. Big deal. Here is a list of 21 things to do before you’re legal.

Not diggin’ my list? Make your own ya lazy bastard.


#1: Go to NYC

You don’t HAVE to party just because you’re in NYC. There are TONS of things to do aside from drinking.

See a Broadway show, go shopping (4 floors in Forever 21..whaaaat), check out a cool museum like the Museum of Natural History or Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, hit up the NYC aquarium, browse the Bronx Zoo, or simply go sight seeing.

#2: Go to a Drive-in-Theater

There are only so many drive-in-theaters left in the world so why not hit one up before they all disappear? Grab a couple of friends or go out on a date and get a blast from the past!

#3: Go to a Fortune Teller/Palm Reader

Who doesn’t want to know what their future holds? Head to a mystic and have him/her read your palm. You may find something out that will change your future!

I went to one in Florida when I was in high school….and I gotta say…looking back, she got a few things right!

#4: Meet Someone Famous

Wouldn’t it be cool to meet you idol?

Why not stay on the lookout for info about where he/she will be next, hit up those spots, and see if you can get a sighting!

Finagle tickets to a red carpet premier or simply hang around the Ziegfeld Theatre in NYC for a while…there is bound to be a movie premier at some point or another!

#5: Go to a Professional Sporting Event

I know you always watch them on TV, but games are so much better in person! Gather a few friends and head to a football, basketball, baseball, hockey, etc. game and have a blast!

If you really want to get into the spirit, grab some face paint or make some signs to catch the cameras at the game; you may be able to get on TV!

#6: Go to an AWESOME Concert

Whether you like music or not, you and your friends should go to at least one concert to see a band you all love.

Not only will you have a blast rockin’ out to your fave jams, you and your friends will meet cool people and make memories that will last forever!

#7: Make a Memorable YouTube Video

Think about all the videos that got major attention for whatever reason; use your creative talents to come up with something cool, like the guys who made the Bed Intruder Song…ridiculous, but awesome!

Wouldn’t it be awesome to make a cool video and have it get a million hits on YouTube?

You don’t have to make a silly video; utilize your talents and think of something that could be really cool. If you are a great cook, try making a video on how to make “X” recipe or if you like makeup, try a couple of makeup tutorials. You never know, they could be hits!

#8: See a Shooting Star On the Beach (or just in general)

I saw my first shooting star on the beach in Delaware when I was 20 and I gotta tell you, it was awesome!

The good thing about watching the night sky on a beach is that its dark and completely open.

There are no trees around so you can see the sky for miles and it is amazing. I actually saw several that night so it was extra special for me!

Whether you can get to the beach or not, you’ve gotta see a shooting star, it’s very cool. Try parking your car in a big parking lot and sitting on the hood or hang out on the roof of your house. Don’t forget to make a wish!

#9: Go to California

Okay, so I know this isn’t plausible for everyone if you can’t get the air fare, but California is awesome, especially to someone who is from the East Coast.

The pace of life is easy-going and relaxed, the weather is beautiful, the scenery is amazing, and if you get the chance to drive there, you will see some incredible mountains (my sister made fun of me for taking pictures the whole way from Arizona).

#10: Sing Karaoke

I know what you are thinking, “but I have a terrible voice…”

For the best karaoke experience, make sure you use one of these karaoke microphones.

So what if you don’t sound like Kelly Clarkson?

Get on stage and sing with your friends! Karaoke is a fun experience at any age and it’s definitely something you should try at LEAST once in your life!

Embarrassed to sing in front of people?

Go to a smaller venue with fewer people; you will be less nervous and once you get it over with, you will be ready to move up to bigger and better places!

#11: Get a Piercing

I was going to make this “get a piercing/tattoo”, but tattoos are a little permanent, plus, I don’t have one so it wouldn’t be true to my list!

Piercings are cool because you can decide you want one on Monday and get rid of it by Friday if you change your mind. Be a little crazy and get something you’ve always wanted…but were to afraid to get!

When I was a sophomore, I had just ended a relationship and wanted to “make a change” so I headed down to this tattoo place with my roommate and got a huge barbell piercing (industrial) in my left ear. It was cool at first….til it got infected. I ended up taking it out about a month after I got it. It didn’t leave a scar, so all I have is the memory of getting it done which is good enough for me!

#12: Take a Class in Something You Enjoy

This is really important! If you never explore your interests, you will never grow as a person!

There are a ton of resources at your school (believe it or not) so look into some classes you may be interested in.

Your locale community center will most likely offer “adult education” classes too, which usually includes things like cooking, web design, drawing/painting, woodworking, writing, whatever you want!

I took a pastels class when I was in high school and I loved it! Sure, the class was mostly women over 50, but it was still awesome; I learned I had a talent for drawing and started working mainly with pastels my senior year of art; I ended up with some awesome pieces from one of the student shows and had them framed!

#13: Remodel Your Room

Once you hit a certain age, you want to clear the crap out of your room and start fresh.

Start by getting rid of all the clothes and stuff you haven’t looked at in years, take down the old posters/pictures, knick-knacks, whatever it is that you have cluttering your room, and re-make it!

Flip your furniture or bed around to give your room a totally new vibe, put up new/recent pictures, add some new items like a table or couch and you will start loving your room!

#14: Get on T.V.

This sounds hard, but it could be anything from hosting a television show to going to a sporting event with some funky signs or creating a cool YouTube video.

These days, anyone can get their 15 minutes so what are you waiting for??

Put yourself out there and try to make it happen, it may be easier than you think.

#15: Take a Road Trip

At one point or another, you and your friends are going to want to take a road trip. Maybe it will be something you do upon graduating high school or college, or even just something you decide to do one summer, but you’ve gotta make it happen!

Map out where you want to go, make the plans, and do it!

Find friends you can stand for long periods of time, because you will most likely be sharing a bed or backseat with them for a while. Start saving your money so you can make it to all the places you want to go without breaking the bank completely.

Road trips are cheap and fun alternatives for seeing the country for a fraction of the price (compared to flying or staying in nice hotels).

Try and head to places where you know people who will let you crash on their couch for a night or two, this will help your budget immensely!

#16: Go to the Taping of a Show

There is something really exciting about being at a show; you get to see the host, a slew of celebs, and you get to be part of the audience which is also really cool.

If you love a show, why not get tickets and head to a taping?

Grab a friend or two and make plans to make the next show (or the one six months from now), and enjoy yourselves!

There are shows being taped on both the East and West Coasts so you should be able to find SOMETHING close to you….unless you live in the middle of no where, in which case, you can plan your road trip AND go to a show!

#17: Go to a Comedy Club

What better way to enjoy life than to laugh through it?

Head to see a show with some friends to see your favorite comedian; my friend has taken her boyfriend to see Jerry Seinfeld twice in the past year (John, your girlfriend treats ya right).

Can’t afford pricey tickets?

Go to a local act in whatever town you reside in, there is sure to be a comedy club around somewhere. Even if a comedian isn’t famous, it doesn’t mean they aren’t funny, so definitely give em’ a shot, you may discover a gem!

#18: Try a Winter Sport

Why struggle through winter? Embrace it!

Try a winter sport with your friends, whether that is skiing, snowboarding, ice skating (or whatever else you crazy kids like to do), give it a shot!

Find a locale mountain in your area or hit up a friend who has a winter house somewhere. You will have a blast with friends, learn a new sport, get a great workout and who knows? You may start looking FORWARD to winter!

#19: Do Something On a Stage

This could be Karaoke, but why stop there? Win an award, sing a song, dance your heart out, or perform in a play! Take an acting class to fulfill a requirement for your major, or just take it for fun.

Everyone should be on stage at least once in their life (and no, graduation does not count), because everyone deserves to be in the spotlight at some point in their life!

#20: Go Surfing

Okay, so I have never tried surfing, but I REALLY want to! I would probably be terrible and really scared, but it has been on my list for a while so one day I will do it and then tell you all about it.

HOWEVER, if you have access to a board and a beach (or you are going on vacation), TRY surfing!! I hear it is an amazing feeling to ride a wave, so why not go out of your comfort zone and try something new?

If nothing else, you could have a really hot surfer as your instructor….’nuff said.

#21: Face Your Fears

If you never do the things you are scared to do, you will never grow and change!

Scared to take that job and move somewhere unknown? Take the plunge. Scared of heights? Go skydiving. Want to travel, but to have no one to go with? Go alone. Planes make you uneasy? FLY!

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