How to Learn Classical Music at Your Own Speed

Learning music is not an easy task. Depending on your skill set, classical music may still be out of your reach, at least to play it the way it should be heard. But we all have to start somewhere, and thanks to the technology that we have available to us today, learning this type of music, and others, has become easier, simply because we can do it at our own pace. Here is how.

An App that lets you adapt the Music to Your Capacities

What if you were able to slow down music? Sufficiently enough that you could actually play every note, as requested onto the music sheet. That would be the best way to practice, and get better at it, right? That is exactly what offers you, as one of its characteristics. This app was created in order to help future musicians learn their art, in a unique way, that lets them adapt the music to their level, instead of the other way around.

When you use this app, it will enable you to play many of the most famous classical work of music, accompanied by an orchestra. Naturally, the instrument that you play will be removed from that group, so that you can clearly hear yourself. That, in itself, is a revolution in the world of music teaching, that we will touch upon again, later on in this article. Once you have made your choice, and before you click play to start accompanying this orchestra, you will have the possibility to slow down the beat, so that you get to insert every note that you have to. It will sound strange, but it is of no importance, since your only goal is to learn. Every time you will repeat the same piece of music, you can then slowly bring the rhythm back up, until you can finally play it at full speed.

Taking notes on Music Sheets

Classical music is unique. Very rarely will you see rock bands or pop music players with music sheet in front of them, and far less with ones on which they have made notes, so that they can adjust their play accordingly to what the music asks of them. But that is the case with classical music. There are moments when you need to raise the level, in order to join the rest of the instruments in an explosive crescendo, and at other times, you need to play softly, so that you can barely be heard.

With this new app, you will be able to add notes directly on the electronic device you are using, by integrating various colours to highlight the meaning of what you want to emphasize. But it also offers you the possibility of printing music sheets, so that you can write on them whatever you need, more easily. This is a great advantage that you can use, as you slowly learn how to play classical music, at your own rhythm. You won’t believe how fast your art is growing. Providing you take the time to practice, of course.

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