Elements of an Exceptional Essay and How to Accomplish It

Essay writing is a vital part of assessing your knowledge whether you are in school or college. The only change is the level of difficulty, which increases as you progress from school to college. Hence, learning to write good essays is essential. But not everyone can do it.

You might struggle due to the complexity of the topic or don’t have enough time due to your hectic schedule and other responsibilities at work or school. In such situations, an online essay writing service like Write My Essay can help.

An essay is a writing piece where you can present your opinions and ideas on a specific issue or topic, supported by proofs and examples. A good essay combines a lot of brainstorming and exhaustive research. Many elements such as tone, structure, thesis, analysis, reflection, organization, evidence form the basis of an exceptional essay.

Elements of an Exceptional Essay

Thesis: It is the main proposition of your essay. But don’t confuse it with a topic. Think of it as a subject area of your topic, a fact actual but arguable. A strong thesis statement is the basis of a cohesive essay. It should be stated in the introduction or the beginning of the essay.

Motive: You need to have a reason, a question, or a problem you want to address in your essay. Try to give that motive or problem in the first few paragraphs of the essay. It helps the reader understand its relevance and feel interested in reading further.

Evidence: It includes data, examples, details, and facts that you can refer to, quote, or summarize to support your thesis. Since a good thesis is arguable, you should have enough evidence to grapple with the counter-arguments and prove your thesis to be true to your readers.

Analysis and Reflection: Evidence can’t speak for itself. You need to break it down, interpret it, and turn it into an argument to show your readers how it supports and develops the thesis. Therefore, analyzing is much more than summarizing or quoting the evidence and going beyond to show how it contributes to the thesis.

Reflection is built through an analysis where you consider the counter-arguments, which the readers might raise. The trick to tackle this is to orient the readers briefly through summary, explanation, or bits of information.

Structure: It is how the main section is stitched to the other areas of the essay. There should be a logical order, and the links should be apparent to the reader. Essays have a linear structure, and there should be a progressive order where one section follows and extends the argument in the previous section. An online writing service like Write My Essay can help plan the structure of your essay in the best ways.

At the end of the essay, you should not forget to add a list of sources, known as citations or references. You may quote several books, papers, or even state someone else’s idea to prove your argument throughout the essay. To avoid plagiarism, you need to cite all the resources used.

Listing sources also helps authenticate the evidence used in your thesis. You can follow the APA or MLA style to list down the works you’ve used in your essay.


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