Insects are an essential part of the environment. They distribute seeds and are food for thousands of other creatures. But, that doesn’t mean you want them wandering around your home. There are plenty of things you can to deter them from arriving at your home, such as making sure there are no food crumbs or moisture.

But, you can also use plants to keep the insects away. There are a number of plants that are surprisingly good at keeping insects out of your home.

The Philodendron

Philodendrons are a great plant for inexperienced gardeners as they are very hardy and will effectively tell you what they need when they need it. In addition, the Philodendron has stunning green leaves and makes a beautiful addition to your home.

They need plenty of indirect sunlight and should be watered once a week when the top inch of the soil has gone dry. You’ll needs to occasionally give them fertilizer.

Basil And Mint

These two herbs are good at keeping virtually all types of insects away from your home. Their distinctive aroma does not appeal to insects. You can just have the plants. But, you can also burn the leaves to keep mosquitoes away and place dried herbs from the plants in your drawers to keep silverfish and moths away!


This is another plan that is commonly used to keep mosquitoes away. The scent of citronella is surprisingly strong and it’s not just mosquitoes it persuades to leave you alone. Most other insects don’t like the smell and will stay away from your home.


Marigolds come in a variety of colors and look stunning. You may think their colorful flowers would attract insects but the plant has a distinctive aroma that doesn’t appeal to insects.

Its particularly unpopular with gnats, mosquitoes, midges, and flies. Put the plants near your doors and windows to keep the insects out.


This may not be a great option if you have cats as they literally go crazy over the stuff.  But, catnip contains an essential oil known as nepetalactone which has been found to be nearly as effective as DEET at repelling mosquitoes. That makes it a great addition to your interior or exterior garden.


Lavender has a distinct aroma that most people find pleasant. However, insects don’t like the aroma. It also has an essential oil that is effective at keeping fleas, beetles, moths, and a variety of other insects away from your home. Again; place it near the entranceways to keep them outside your home.


These plants are also very pretty and make a beautiful addition to an interior or exterior garden.  That makes them a good choice, especially when you realize that they keep fleas, bedbugs, cockroaches, and silverfish away from your home. You’ll want one in every room!

Plants aren’t just good at keeping insects out of your house. They can also improve the air quality and help you to unwind. That’s all the reason you need to start a little gardening.

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