A circular saw is among the top ten most popular power tools. Sawing wood, plywood, products made of chipboard material using this device will be done quickly. How to choose a circular saw is often asked by both home craftsmen and professionals. There are many kinds of a circular saw for sale, but it’s worth paying attention to the basic selection criteria.

Which Circular Saw to Choose?

There are three general types:

  • fixed
  • handheld
  • combined

Before deciding what to buy, it is necessary to decide what kind of work will be carried out. Indeed, if you have the required set of correctly selected tools, the work will always be comfortable, and the result will be desired.

Main Characteristics

  • power — it is an indirect characteristic of the electric circular saw. Sawing speed depends not only on power but also on the number and shape of the saw teeth sharpening and other factors. Consider also the functionality when choosing a tool
  • speed — it is important to have speed control. This will allow for a selection of the optimal speed for each type of workpiece material
  • cutting depth and diameter of the installed disc — the radius of the disc is interrelated with the cutting depth. In order to choose, you need to decide what kind of materials to will work with (sheet blanks, boards, beams, logs, etc.)
  • tilt angle — in most cases the disc is set at 90° to the plane of the part. However, it may be necessary to limit the cutting depth or cut at a different angle. These adjustments are available in all circular saw models.

How to Choose a Circular Saw Toolstation

There are many stores where you can buy a circular saw in UK, but how do you find the right one? First of all, pay attention to the rating and assortment of the store. Also, the availability of qualified personnel and convenient payment and delivery systems will also be of great importance.

In conclusion, let us remind you once again: any tool should be selected based on the tasks that you intend to solve with its help. Fast and pleasant work will mean that the choice is right.

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