5 Simple Ways to Advance Your Nursing Career

People generally trust you if you are a nurse because this career is one of the most ethical professions. Once you walk into a room, patients get a sense of belief about what you are about to say, and this means that by nature of being a nurse, you have a lot of responsibility. Another fun fact to remember is that nurses occupy a large part of the health sector and can change the healthcare environment. Moreover, job opportunities in nursing are continually growing, primarily due to older nurses retiring. Some tips to help you advance in your nursing career include:

  1. Education

Although it may not always be perfect, being a nurse means that you have the responsibility to figure out the best way to care for your patients. The only way for you to make the right decisions is if you have a solid educational background.

Whether you have just started in the professional world or are looking for a higher position, learning a few skills will improve your marketability to employers, enhance your existing skill set and prove your passion for the role.

Individuals today are investing their time into learning short courses online that will help sharpen skills required in different professions. Learning new skills makes you versatile and competent and adds content to your resume, and gives additional qualifications to enable you to advance your nursing career.

  1. Experience

Most employers consider a person’s level of experience before hiring—nurses who have had prior work experience stand a higher chance of getting employed. If you are a nursing student, try doing volunteer services in your local hospital or the institution you attend clinical rotations to build your experience. Furthermore, the more you work, the more you make your network and skill level, which will come in handy when you need to advance in your career.

  1. Mentorship

During your first semesters of nursing school, most students do not know what to expect overall. Nursing is about combining different skills, theory, and practical. You need to balance the two by understanding your strengths and deficiencies constantly. A mentor can help you understand areas that need improvement. If you have questions, a good mentor can clarify those issues. There are many mentors available in nursing school, especially during clinical situations. Find a preceptor that is excellent in giving instructions and is willing to help students. Another crucial element when choosing the right mentor to help you advance in your career is selecting one in the specific specialty that you want.

  1. Networking

Many nursing students do not understand how exactly they should go about aligning up a job so that they are good to go as soon as they graduate. Most nursing schools do their clinical rotations in about two or three major hospitals in their area. If your ultimate goal is to work in a hospital, get a job in one of them in whatever specialty you want. It is essential to try early on, while you are still in school, to get your foot in the door in one of the facilities your school accesses. Since you are going to be doing rotations in a hospital, showcase your best skills. Many students are lazy during clinical; however, if your goal is to impress, be there, willing to help, and ready to do whatever you have to do to make an impression.

  1. Planning

Most nurses, mid-career, have no plan. While some have planned to achieve their current position, thoughts of further advancements often are not a priority. Others believe that given the dynamic nature of their careers, there is little point in planning. However, failure to plan can leave you stalled and going around in circles. Planning helps you better see where you are going, and although you will still come across challenges, focus and management strategies will enable you to exploit your career potential. While you have an idea about what you want out of your nursing career, you may be full of uncertainty, and your vision becomes complex because there is more than one possible route forward. For your plan to be effective, find out more about how you can sharpen your skills to advance in your nursing career.






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