Using An Instant Pot To Eat Healthier While At College

Instant pot cookers are perfect for students. Easy to prepare recipes with minimal ingredients, preparation time and space. They are ideal for quick and easy meals, as well as maintaining a healthy diet.

College students and their diets

If you were going to stereotype a student then you might imagine a lot of instant ramen noodles, kebabs, sodas, beer and Cheetos. This would obviously be unfair to a good many students these days. Students are far more likely to be into healthy living these days than perhaps in the past. Many will be vegetarian or vegan and others highly active in sports. Nevertheless the image of a student house full of takeaway cartons and empty beer cans prevails in the movies and at times for good reasons.

Moving away from home

When students head to college it may be the first time they have lived away from home and many will not have any cooking skills. You might have grown up learning from your parents how to prepare simple meals and how to bake but others never learn these essential skills until later in life, if ever.

Instant Pots can provide an easy way for students to eat a variety of balanced meals and snacks with ease.

Benefits of using an Instant Pot at college

If you have student accommodation with room for cooking then an Instant Pot takes up little room and is basically a one pot cooking device. Students need to study and cooking meals might not be high on the priority list when compared to campus life, parties and other activities away from schoolwork.

Instant Pots cook quickly and they can be prepared to come on at the end of the school day so food is ready for later. Okay, it takes a little organizing to put the ingredients and water in the pot before going to class but the benefits later outweigh this.

What sort of food can be done in these pots?

Here is one of the best things about Instant Pots. Almost anything can be done. Eggs for breakfast or a snack? No problem. Baked potatoes? Yes indeed.

Pizza can be made in the pot with pre packaged pizza dough bought from the local supermarket. If students are sharing then students can take it in turns to cook making it a more sociable and less taxing event. Just cook up stews, casseroles, curries and chilis easily.

How much cooking knowledge does a student need to use one?

This type of cooker is so simple a novice could use it. By looking online for recipes and following the amount of each ingredient to put in the put it is almost foolproof. Corrie Cooks is one such place where students or indeed anyone interested in cooking can find recipes for pressure cookers and Instant Pots.

Does it fit into a healthy lifestyle?

The cooker can be used to make desserts, cakes, fries and pizza so it certainly is capable of making less healthy food but because it cooks with little to no fat it is a much better way to cook than frying or roasting. It is also less messy. The pot cooks through the use of pressure and steam so it leaves food moist and lower in fat than other methods. It also helps retain more vitamins than boiling does.

Plan the week out ahead

Taking the time to seek out healthy foods and create a realistic budget for healthy foods is crucial for students. Instant Pot quinoa is so fluffy, full of tough consistency, and so easy to combine with anything you carry around. This is a favorite recipe for a quick and easy breakfast or lunch, but also a great meal for dinner.

Cooking this way in the Instant Pot makes it so much easier to prepare and make the whole week’s meals from scratch. If you have room you can freeze the meals ahead of time.


An Instant Pot might be a good gift to buy your child if they are going off to college or perhaps you are a student and you’re looking for a way to make decent meals without too much hassle. This type of cooker makes life easier if you are interested in one pot meals. It is also easy to clean so when you consider the time you save and the ease of use there are no reasons to have piles of Chinese takeaway cartons lying around. You might even find it saves you money too by making home made food.

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