Simple Ways to Improve Your Shared Living Experience

As a student, the chances are you are going to be living with other people. Very few of us can afford our own flat or house when we are studying. So, you will likely be in shared accommodation for your student years.

It can be fun, but also quite stressful. Particularly when you first move in. It takes a while for everyone to get to know each other and start to gel. But even then, there can be tension. Often, arising out of little things. Fortunately, a lot of the time you can reduce that tension just by making a few changes. Here are some that are worth trying.

Put up some signs

Ordering some signage from can save a few arguments. They sell a big range of signs and it is possible to get custom ones made.

So, if people are leaving their bikes in the corridor instead of taking them through to the bike rack outside, a sign can be put up. Often, this is enough to stop that bad habit. Signs like that have a strange impact on a lot of people. It kind of gives them nowhere to hide. If there is a sign, they can no longer pretend that they do not know what the rules are, which means they are less likely to break them.

It doesn’t always work out that way but it is certainly worth a try. Just try not to put up too many. If you do, they tend to lose their effect a bit.

Use rotas

When you live communally, it is all too easy to end up arguing incessantly about who does the chores. The best way to keep arguments to a minimum is to all sit down together and put together a rota. It needs to be drawn up and stuck somewhere everyone can see. Usually, cleaning up when it is your turn does not take long because you will only have to clean the communal areas.

It is also a good idea for everyone to agree to do a group clean once a month. If you make it something that is done on the same day, at the same time, every month it is less likely someone will try to wriggle out of it.

Buy certain items communally

Items like bin bags, washing up liquid and toilet cleaner are best bought using a communal kitty. A good approach is for everyone to put the same amount in each week. Although some people prefer to buy everything online then collect the money from everyone else

Learn to respect personal space

Even if you all get on really well, it is important to give everyone the space they need. You don’t want to be constantly knocking on someone’s door. So keep an eye on how often you do it and hold back a bit if you need to. This in-depth article explains why it is so important that you do this.

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