Lots of essay writing service providers (with The Uni Tutor being a popular example) have mushroomed across the internet over the last several years. They all claim to help anyone who is having a hard time writing their essays.

The existence of such a service is not new to us as their “homework service” counterparts — similar websites that help students answer homework for a price — have been internet mainstays for more than a decade now. Essay writing services are no different. But are they really worth trying?

What is an essay writing service?

Essay writing services let you hire other people to write your essays for a set price. Most of these essay writing services also offer to produce other types of output, such as research papers and dissertations. Technical and specific topics like science, history, technology, and art are also accepted. In addition, many of these companies have more advanced offerings (like a law essay writing service, for example) to aid those who are having a difficult time writing high-level papers.

Who should use this service?

People could rely on professional essay writers if they belong to at least one of the following categories:

  1. People who can’t meet upcoming deadlines.

A lot of students fall under this category. After all, having to multitask and excel in a bunch of different subjects at a time is a struggle all students face. Essay writing services guarantee that they’ll finish your paper before the set deadline with the highest quality possible, therefore helping you avoid turning in an overdue paper.

  1. People who lack the needed writing skills to come up with a good piece.

Let’s face it: not everyone has the skill to write a good piece and the guts to risk their grades for such a task. There are lots of people out there who perfectly understand complex concepts and know how to apply them but still find writing about such concepts taxing.

Not everyone is confident with their writing skills. If this sounds like you, hiring an essay writer would be a huge help. You can check the generated output and try to learn from the writing techniques used in order to improve your own writing skills. Of course, it’s important to have the initiative to use these essay writing services to improve your skills.

  1. People who are stressed and burned out.

Sometimes, we face multiple deadlines and frustratingly try to finish them all at once. This scenario can cause stress which leads to burnout later on. Nobody wants that, and essay writing services can help you avoid such a scenario,

As much as we want to finish everything by ourselves, our brains and bodies get tired too. There’s no shame in needing to seek help from others. Of course, essay writing services aren’t free, but it’s better to pay for something that will lessen your worries than to helplessly endure your struggles.

  1. People who want to improve their grades/performance.

One of the reasons why using an essay writing service is negatively viewed is because people perceive it as cheating. It’s still an on-going debate, but clearly, using this service assures that you’ll receive the target score you’ve set. For some, using an essay writing service is just a last resort for when they’re struggling to meet a deadline. For others, it’s part of their strategy to get better grades.

  1. People who want to free up their time.

There are times when we just want to take a break from everything. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and simply don’t have the capacity to do such a task, these services can help.

Writing and researching can eat up your time, especially if you’re the type who tends to overthink and over-plan everything. With the help of a professional essay writing service provider, you’ll be able to spend less time writing and more time doing potentially more useful and productive tasks.

What do these services guarantee?

Essay writing service providers guarantee the following:

  • No plagiarized content: This is a must regardless of essay type. Sometimes, people tend to just copy and paste content from existing resources without even paraphrasing them, which is already a form of plagiarism. Hired essay writers (well, the good ones, at least) will assure you that their content is 100% plagiarism-free so you don’t get into trouble.
  • High-quality output: Too-good-to-be-true offers from essay writing service providers are not worth it. Companies that tend to overpromise in terms of quality while asking for pennies likely produce poorly-written content. That said, it’s important to thoroughly research the essay-writing service provider you’re interested in before sealing the deal. Try to find those that have writers from widely-known universities across the globe.
  • Customer support: If you encounter problems with your essays or need revisions, customer support should always be available. A company that has 24/7 support is preferable knowing that many students and professionals tend to work until late into the night.

Should you use such a service?

If you fall into any of the categories mentioned above, you should definitely give essay writing services a try. They save time, reduce stress, ensure quality content, and help you improve your own writing.

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