Preparing Yourself for Challenges You Might Face in College

Heading away to college is a major decision that you can make in your life. Many will say that these will be the best years of your life – and in many ways, they’re right. You meet new friends, learn things you’re genuinely interested in, achieve and leave with brighter opportunities. But it’s also important to remember that there are challenges and pressures you may face as a direct result of going to college. It’s important that you’re aware of them so you can prepare yourself and handle them in a positive and healthy manner! Here are just a few you may experience.

Financial Pressures

College is expensive. What’s more? You rarely have much time to work and won’t be able to hold down a full time job while you study, which means you’ll be having to live a life without full time wages. This, of course, can be difficult. But there are various ways to ease financial pressures while you study. Here are just a few options!

Apply for Scholarships

Always make sure you take a look at the scholarships available at the college you’re studying with. The vast majority of colleges will have some sort of scholarship scheme for each course they run. Scholarships can often cover a large proportion of your outgoings, including tuition fees. They could also consist of a stipend that is paid to you throughout the year. See if you fit the requirements of any scholarships on offer and apply for them – it’s always worth trying!


Many institutions also offer grants. These are payments that you don’t have to repay. They can vary in value, but anything is better than nothing. Again, take a look at the requirements and see if you’re eligible. If you are, apply!

Take On a Part Time Job

Part time jobs can serve as a good cash top up as long as they don’t interfere with your studies or course hours. Many students will have evening work or weekend work – often in bars, cafes, our retail stores. Remember that the position you hold as part time work while studying doesn’t necessarily have to reflect the career you want to head into. It’s just something to tide you over as you make your way through your course.

Selling Textbooks

Quick cash can be made selling old textbooks that you don’t use any more. Brand new textbooks are extortionate and chances are the students on your course in the year below you are looking to save money too. You can sell your old and unused books them at a lower price and make some money back off them yourself!

Social Pressures

There can be a lot of social pressure to go out and party when you’re a student. Don’t feel obligated to join in if you don’t want to. This counts for any activity. If you’re already suffering the consequences of social pressure, there’s lots of support out there, ranging from helplines and support groups to a drug rehab center.

Pressure to Achieve

Many students put way too much pressure on themselves. Sure, you want to achieve and do well. But let your hair down every once in a while and remember you can only try your best. Placing too much pressure to achieve on yourself can have a detrimental impact on your happiness and wellbeing!

These are just a few pressures you may face. Make sure you’re aware of them and consider the solutions suggested above. They could really help you out!

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