Learning About Kratom for a Euphoric Energy Boost

*Disclosure* : For your own protection, please be aware that the contents of this post are not to be taken as medical advice or guidance. Please manage your own research before considering any products or services that are used to manage your health.

Looking to learn more about Kratom? Red Dragon from https://kratomkrush.com/shop/red-dragon-kratom-powder/ is a unique red strain because it is more euphoric and energetic in its effects than it is sedative. If you’re a regular kratom drinker and have some knowledge about the different colored strains, you know that red strains are typically used for relaxation, sedation, and pain relief.

Many users of Red Dragon say that it is one of their go-to strains for daytime energy, focus, and an upbeat mood. You can achieve a euphoric effect with the right dosage, typically a lower one. Since it is a red strain, you’ll still be able to feel relaxed but without it making you too sleepy. You’ll still have enough energy and a feeling of happiness to keep you going. 

It provides other benefits as well. So, if you have certain ailments, you can actually use it for relaxing and pain relief purposes with the typical dosage for this effect.

How can I achieve a euphoric and energizing effect with Red Dragon?

Just like other kratom strains, you’ll have to play around with the dosage amount of Red Borneo you ingest. This is especially true for beginners, you can find info about it at https://kratomkrush.com/shop/red-borneo-kratom-powder/.

If you want to use this strain to brighten up your mood and day, and even get a feeling of euphoria from kratom, you can start off with anywhere between 2-4 grams. This is because every person’s experiences are unique and different. If you’re new to kratom start off with 2 grams on the first day, or you can bump it up to 3 or 4 if you’re not quite feeling it with just 2 grams. 

Some aspects to keep in mind when considering the dosage amount and its effects are:

  • Your weight- If you’re a little heavier set, you may need a higher dosage to feel its amazing effects.
  • Metabolism- Those who have faster metabolisms can feel its effects quicker and stronger.
  • Where you buy your kratom from- Every batch of kratom can differ, and if you buy from sketchy online vendors, they may not be giving you the true Red Dragon strain. Therefore, it can affect how well it works for you.
  • How often you take kratom- Those who are long-time, heavy kratom users, need higher dosages than the regular 2-4 grams to reap the euphoric and energizing effects.

Keep in mind that a higher dosage can still give you a euphoric feeling, but it might make you more sleepy than wakeful.

Can I still use Red Dragon to relieve me of chronic or minor pain?

Most definitely. Like I mentioned earlier, if you’re a beginner at using kratom, you’re going to want to experiment and find the right dosage for you and go from there. But, if you want a more general recommendation for pain relief, the dosage amount is anywhere between 4-7 grams. The higher dosages are for those moderate and expert users.

Some users with these conditions are users of Red Dragon for relief:

  • Back pain
  • Joint pain
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Inflammation
  • Sore muscles
  • And More.

Higher dosages will most likely cause you to feel sleepy, so this would be great to take in the afternoon for relaxation and pain relief. You’ll be able to get a nap in or a deeper sleep!

Should I buy Red Dragon in capsule form or powdered form?

The form of kratom you buy is completely up to you, the user. The more traditional method is to buy it in its powder form, which you can mix with water, juice, and even brew it as a tea. However, there is a strong bitter taste that some strongly dislike.

If you hate the taste or kratom and want something more convenient and faster to take, you’ll like the capsule form most.

Tip for a higher potency and quicker effects: The “toss and wash” method, where you take the powder directly into your mouth and wash it down with water or juice, is more potent since it gives you more instant effects and taken quicker. Beware, you’ll make a face when doing this, but it’s so worth it!

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