How To Tone Down Your Crazy Habits And Still Have Fun

College is the time for having fun, partying hard, and generally letting your flag fly free. When else are you going to have so much freedom, right? But unfortunately, as you aren’t a party robot, your crazy habits might catch up with you and stop you from having as much fun as you could have. Here’s how you tone down your crazy patterns (just a little bit) and live your life to the full for longer.

Know What You’re Taking

You’re at a party, everything is available all the time, and you get to the end of the night not 100% sure what you’ve consumed. If you’re alright, it’s okay, (for now). But how many of us have woken up someone random and ruined our night and the next week with worry? If you want to know what you’ve done, turn 21 and why not take some trusted friends and visit a Cannabis Dispensary which is legal and most importantly, clean. Make sure you’re in a city where recreational use is legal though (like California).

Mix Up The Alcohol With Alcohol-Free

You don’t have to cut out every alcoholic drink unless you want to, but why not mix up your night with a simple soda rather than every beverage having vodka in it? If you don’t want it to be obvious (who cares right?) then soda or clear drinks might have alcohol in them, you’re the one drinking it so who has to ask. You’ll probably reach the end of the night with a clearer head and be ready for a party again soon. Plus you’ll get to watch everyone drunker than you being stupid without being that person yourself.

Get Some Less… Intense Friends

The friends you have in your first week of college, you might have for life or those first intense few weeks of party party party. Source out some friends with similar interests to you like sports, or even TV shows that you can talk to outside of the drinks fest. Put your health first and enjoy time with friends that aren’t going to try and tip a vodka shot down your throat rather than talk to you. You’ll have more fun mixing with different people rather than relying on the same people all day every day for entertainment.

Cut Down The Caffeine

Caffeine is the drug that slips under the radar, gradually ramping up your stress levels in the run-up to an exam, and leaving you feeling anxious. Replace that extra coffee a day with decaf, or fruit tea. Or better yet, try and switch it to water, so you’re not left feeling dehydrated. Coffee is not all bad, but too much will leave you feeling stressed. Far from ideal before a big exam when you don’t need to feel even more terrified of the test looming before you.

You don’t have to completely cut out all the fun things (college is the time to be young and enjoy yourself). But interspersing the alcohol with the aqua and the party-goers with more peaceful people will make your college experience a more fun and varied time.

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