How to Improve Your EQ and IQ

Many of you may know that your IQ is a measure of your intelligence and that EQ is a measure of your emotional intelligence, but are you aware that there are things which you can be doing to improve both? That’s right, your intelligence and you emotions quotient are developed based on a number of factors such as the characteristics and traits that you were born with, the environment in which you were raised and also the work which you do in later life to improve these skills. Studies conducted by Genos International have found that those who have high levels of emotional intelligence are much more likely to be successful than those who do not, and that both IQ and EQ combined has the power to increase your chances of finding success both professionally and personally. If you’d like to improve either your IQ or EQ, here are some tips on doing so.

IQ Improvement

Many think that they are born with the IQ that they have and that it cannot be improved but there are in fact ways in which IQ can be greatly boosted. There are a number of games which you can play that will help with your IQ, chess for example is a great way to significantly boost IQ, and this has been proven time and time again. Because of the complexity and the intricate nature of the game, it will help to improve concentration, problem solving skills and memory. Meditation and exercise are two other activities which have been proven to greatly help increase IQ, and sleep plays a crucial role in improving IQ levels.

Reading books is also key to increasing IQ, this will help to broaden vocabulary, increase patience levels and organization abilities. Even learning an instrument can make connections in the brain which will significantly help you to increase your IQ.

EQ Improvement

With the right amount of work you can also have a great impact on your emotional intelligence, which will help you to become a more receptive, sensitive and well rounded person. The key to increasing your level of emotional intelligence you need to have an understanding of where your emotional intelligence is right now. For you to do that it is important to reflect on yourself and think about your relationships and how you perform in those relationships, this will help you understand what kind of emotional intelligence you have right now.

In order to increase that intelligence you should practice your communication skills, think about how empathetic you are with others and aim to invest more time in understanding what other people’s lives are like. Listening is a big part of being emotionally intelligent which is something that you will have to practice. An additional activity which you can look at doing is to try to be more positive, find what makes you positive and whenever negative or pessimistic thoughts come to mind, aim to turn them into positive ones. The challenge for those wishing to improve their emotional intelligence is that they must learn to be sensitive to other people’s feelings, whilst avoiding becoming overly sensitive to the point where they will become easily offended or insulted.

The key to increasing both your emotional intelligence and your IQ, is to be aware of what your weaknesses are, and aiming to improve those specific areas. Regardless of what you are working on, the key will be to consistently be aware of making these improvements, ensuring that everyday you are doing something which works towards the betterment of your IQ and EQ.

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