Everyone loves having good food. When facing a financial crisis, food habits are one of the things that are profoundly affected. You might be forced to change your expensive diet to a simple diet. This can be extremely hard for everyone. Shopping for groceries is one of the expenses that dries up your accounts. If not careful, you might find yourself starving because you can’t afford the costly grocery in the supermarket. Before it gets to that point, have a strategic plan. Follow up on these easy methods of extending your grocery shopping in case you have no money.

Change your eating habits

This is the best way to manage your groceries when you have no money. This is the time to be mindful of the portion of food you put in the stomach. Probably you have heard people claiming their hobby is eating food. It is not surprising because people have the tendency to eat to the satisfaction of their mouth. Instead of eating according to your appetite, eat when you really have to. Eat the right amount of food, and only when you are hungry. Grab salad for breakfast as a substitute for the junk you are used to. Save the sausages and other heavy food for another meal. Applying this will help you to survive during the times you have no money.

Change the grocery store

It would be best if you changed the place where you get your groceries. Maybe you have been buying your foodstuffs from a specific food store all your life. It is time to make adjustments. Ditch that expensive supermarket that you have been getting your groceries for a very long time. Your budget is in a poor state, and so you can’t afford to spend carelessly. Start buying your groceries from a local retail store. It will be cheaper. Another option is to look for a farmer that you can trust. Having a farmer as a source of your foodstuff will give you the privilege of getting fresh goods at a lower price. Make a farmer your friend, so during the hard times, he or she accepts to provide you with the groceries on credit.

Digging your own vegetable garden

Growing vegetables requires time and attention. But it can be considered as a way of saving foodstuff costs. Gardening is one of the activities that is looked down upon by people. It is regarded as a dirty job for illiterate people. However, it allows you to grow any vegetables that you really love. Instead of wasting the small garden outside your house, make it productive by planting some veggies. This will save you the cost of buying vegetables in the market. Maintaining it may be tiring, but it is worth it. Only constant watering is needed.

Avoid the habit of throwing away food

Throwing away food is a very common behavior in homes. It isn’t very reassuring when you cook an excellent meal for your family, only to see some of it in the dustbin. But you will not ask anything because you also do the same thing. If you have kids, it is advisable to serve them a small portion of food. This will reduce the amount of food wasted. Don’t cook plenty of food or more than enough. Your main aim is to manage the little grocery that you have. To achieve this, avoid wasting food. Cook the amount that will be enough and serve only the amount you can finish. You instead serve a little amount and add more if you aren’t full.

Buying foodstuff in wholesale

This is another method that has worked. Immediately you get the salary, go to the grocery shop and buy a massive amount of groceries. Instead of buying only one kg of rice that will serve you for a week, buy a bag of rice. Buying them in large quantities is cheaper and will serve you for a longer time. Although it is an option to go for, it can mess you. If you are not careful, all the goods that you buy may end up going bad. This will be a significant loss. If you choose this option, store them in a safe place. Please keep them in a place where rodents will not attack them.

Cook a large amount of food at once

Imagine rushing home to have something to eat after a long day at work. How disappointing it will be when you find your fridge empty, and you have no money to order for food! Avoid such scenarios by stuffing food in your fridge. Cook plenty of food and store it in your fridge. It will be helpful when you have no money to get groceries. Putting the meat in the freezer will serve you for days. Definitely, you won’t have to worry about your meals when you are broke.

Avoid keeping pets

Keeping pets is not as easy as it seems. Just like humans, they need food. Some of the pets, like dogs and cats, feed on groceries. It will be hard for you to manage the double expenses of groceries. If you have a pet, try to avoid feeding groceries to your pet. Look for other food alternatives. Instead of giving it fresh food, feed it with the leftovers. It is safe to do so as long as the food is not stale. This will help you to cut off how much you spend on groceries.

The Bottom Line

How can you extend your grocery shopping when you have no money? Well, it can be quite challenging yet not impossible. This blog has discussed various ways in which that can be achieved. Carefully consider them and make changes where needed. Remember that grocery gets spoiled easily. It would help if you stored them in a safe place. With proper planning, you will be able to use your groceries for a few more days than what you expected.  In case you need cash, like personal loan check out Instant Loan today.

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