Cutting Costs in College

Attending college can be a fantastic life experience and a great way to start building your career but it’s notoriously expensive. Between tuition fees and accommodation costs, students can rack up a lot of debt when they’re studying for a degree. However, there are ways you can minimize your expenditure. To get started, take a look at these top tips for cutting costs in college now:

Become a Residential Advisor

A Residential Advisor, or RA, takes on a leadership role within residential halls at colleges and universities. As well as providing emotional and practical support for students, you’ll be tasked with organizing events and welcome new students to the accommodation block. In return, RAs often get reduced accommodation or even free housing. This can drastically reduce your costs, so it’s well worth considering taking on the extra responsibility.

Reduce Your Entertainment Costs

Many college students spend their evenings exploring local bars and clubs, so you won’t want to spend a fortune on cable tv too. Fortunately, streaming services provide a budget-friendly way for you to access the latest tv shows and movies.

However, don’t forget to implement online security when you’re away from home. You can install a VPN on your devices, like your laptop or tablet, but you can also use them when accessing streaming services. Take a look at this guide from Troypoint to find out more. Remember – you can also increase your online security by using a VPN on your cellphone too, so be sure to take action to stay safe online.

Consider Avoiding Meal Plans

Traditionally, students were required to purchase a college-based meal plan, but many colleges are changing their approach. If you don’t eat in the cafeteria regularly, a meal plan may not be the most cost-effective option. Similarly, if you don’t tend to eat large meals, an all-inclusive plan probably isn’t right for you. Start with a pay-as-you-go option so you can figure out how to make the most of your budget. If you have access to kitchen facilities, preparing your own meals can save you a significant amount.

Give Up Your Car

If you have your own car, you can save a fortune by leaving it at home or selling it. Most colleges have a wide range of amenities nearby, so you shouldn’t need to access private transportation. When you aren’t paying for a car payment, gas, and insurance, you can save hundreds of dollars of month.

Going to College on a Budget

College is a great time to start developing your money management skills, so be sure to create a workable budget that will cover all your expenditure. Additionally, most colleges have part-time job opportunities available for students, so you can boost your income but picking up some casual work.

If you really want to cut the cost of college, you could consider living at home and attending a university that’s close by. With no accommodation costs to think about, this can be a great way to further your education when you’re on a restricted budget.

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