So Online learning…

Okay, let’s be honest, online classes kinda suck. It’s hard to pay attention, hard to get to know your classmates, and hard to stay focused. Something about the lack of separation between the lecture hall and our bedrooms just makes it difficult. When we cue into class we’re so tempted by all the distractions that sit less than a click away. We can easily mute ourselves and browse social media to see just how crazy things continue to get. Or worse, we lay down for a quick break and frantically wake up 3 and a half hours later having gotten nothing done and having missed the rest of our classes for the day.

Yet despite how lackluster online classes APPEAR to be, they’re still utterly exhausting. Back to back online lectures use up the majority of our mental capacity for one day. It’s so difficult to take classes seriously when we aren’t attending lectures in person. What makes it worse is the sheer number of hours behind a computer screen. With online classes there is no break from a screen whether it be our phones or laptops. We all know the feeling of strained eyes after too many hours staring at the computer. Your eyes feel sore, tired, and especially heavy.

We can’t possibly motivate ourselves to study, attend virtual club meetings, or go to office hours. If by some miracle we can, it’s almost as lackluster as classes themselves. This inability to focus, lack of motivation, and all-around exhaustion really hurts our grades too. The Brookings institute discovered that online classes tend to produce lower grade point averages to those conducted in person.


We really do try. ANYTHING to stay awake, stay focused, and stay alert. We down coffee, tea, even energy drinks but it just doesn’t work. The drowsiness and fatigue still seems to set in and drastically decreases our performance. Even if our 3rd cup of coffee wakes us up a bit, it does absolutely nothing for our eyes. We all know the feeling of drinking some form of caffeine and getting a racing heart, shaky hands, and upset stomach but STILL not feeling awake.

I know this really hit me when i downed my second Monster Energy Drink in less than an hour during my last finals week. Aside from starting to shake, my study session was interrupted when I had to excuse myself to the restroom. After vomiting profusely, I returned to my desk with my classmates and STILL felt exhausted while barely being able to keep my eyes open.

Is there anything we can do?

Luckily students in the United States developed what seems to be the perfect remedy. Something to give us the necessary energy boost while helping refresh tired, sore, and fatigued eyes.

A Pittsburgh Based Startup known as Revitalize Energy has developed an energizing eye drop. By partnering with medical professionals and industry experts, Revitalize created drops that:

  1. Provide instant energy on contact
  2. Moisturize and refresh tired eyes
  3. Have effects that last longer than a cup of coffee
  4. Doesn’t leave us with a caffeine crash afterwards.

Originally, the founders came up with this idea while pulling back to back all nighters to study for finals in their last year of university. They wanted something to address both dry eyes and their need for added energy. After a year of research and development they finalized their energizing drops and have been working on it ever since.

The drops are designed to provide energy instantly while lasting longer than a cup of coffee. Because the energy is delivered through the eye, it directly fights the eye fatigue and strain we all feel from too many hours behind a computer screen. Another major benefit is that each bottle has a one-month supply of product meaning only a few bottles and you’re good for a whole semester.

Although it was originally designed as the ideal late-night study tool, Revitalize is also perfect for helping make remote classes just a little more tolerable.

The Revitalize team recently launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise the necessary funds for manufacturing. By backing their campaign, you can receive bottles of product as well as a listing on their website as an original backer of the brand.

Check out the campaign here: and feel free to like, share, and become a backer. For how crazy this year has been, we could all use a boost and Revitalize represents the perfect solution.

Check out their website for more details about the product, company, and brand:

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