7 Ways To Beat Exam Stress

Do you suffer from exam stress? While many of us get nervous when facing exams, some of us can get overwhelming feelings of anxiety. Some of us may even go blank during exams or get sick because of the nerves – which could end up having a negative impact on grades. To help you to succeed in your exams, here are just seven ways in which you can beat exam stress.

Plan out your revision

Many of us get anxious about exams because we worry that we haven’t revised enough. You can help to ease these nerves by planning out your revision so that all topics are covered. A revision timetable could even be worthwhile so that you dedicate enough time to each topic. The earlier you start revising, the less you’ll feel the need to cram information (which is where panic can set in)


Exercise is a great stress reliever – and is something that many of us forget to do while revising. Schedule time into your revision to do something active whether it’s going for a walk or exercising at home. You could even record audio revision notes and listen to them as you exercise. The endorphins released during exercise will help to combat stress.


Meditation is a great way to beat stress. When you feel like the stress is getting on top of you, take a couple minutes out to clear your mind. A lot of people spend the last five minutes before an exam frantically pouring over notes – you could find that meditating is a much more productive if you’re prone to stress.

Try herbal remedies

There are lots of herbal medicines that can help to relieve stress. A few examples include chamomile, kava root and pure CBD tincture. Consider trying one of these herbal remedies before the exam to take the nerves away. Such herbal remedies should calm you down without impacting your ability to concentrate.

Get enough sleep

Lack of sleep and stress can form a vicious cycle. It’s important that you break out of this cycle in the leadup to the exam. Aim to seven to nine hours sleep before your exam. This could mean going to bed earlier if you have a tendency to be a night owl. If you struggle to get to sleep at an early time, consider some of these various tricks to get to sleep more easily.

Watch who you study with

Group study can sometimes have its benefits, but you should avoid revising with people that may be a negative influence. You don’t want to be revising with fellow stressheads as they’re likely to make you feel the same way. Trying something new like CBD calm gummies is a popular way to eliminate stress. Similarly, you may find yourself getting stressed revising with people who are too talkative or unfocused.

Gain some perspective

Stress can often be the result of placing too much importance on things. While getting good grades can be useful for chasing future goals, you shouldn’t see exams as once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to achieve these goals. If you do fail your exams or don’t get the marks you wanted, there’s always the opportunity to retake them. Besides, there’s more to being successful in life than getting good grades – even if you keep failing, there are other ways to succeed in life.

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