5 Ways to Party Safely at College

You probably know that a lot of partying happens at college. It’s the time where you can break away from your parents and get a little more confidence and independence. You work hard, so there’s nothing wrong with partying every now and then and letting your hair down.

However, it’s important to make sure you party safely at college. Being on campus doesn’t mean that bad things can’t happen. Here are some ways to help you party more safely at college.

Pre-arrange transport

Plenty of college students get into trouble from drink driving. Depending on the circumstances you may be able to get DUI reduced to reckless driving, but you will still end up with a criminal record. Plus, you could injure yourself or someone else. Be safe and pre-arrange your transport before you start drinking. Assign a designated driver who doesn’t drink, or pre-book a cab. Take the pledge to drive responsibly.

Stick to a group

Before you hit the party, it’s important to go in a group and stick together. If one person drinks too much they will be vulnerable if they are left on their own. So, know your people and create a pact to look out for each other. You can also create a group chat to ensure that everyone gets home safely if you aren’t leaving together.

Avoid suspicious cups

It’s an unfortunate fact that some people out there like to spike drinks. While you hope that none of your college peers would behave in such a way, you don’t know who could find their way into a college party. So, be safe and avoid any drinks if you don’t know where they’ve come from. Plus, keep an eye on your own drink at all times.

Keep your phone charged

If you’ve been out all day, you can easily forget to charge your phone before the party. However, it’s important to make sure your phone has enough juice to last the night. If you somehow find yourself alone or taking a cab by yourself, you’ll need it to message your friends and make sure they know you’re safe. While plenty of people complain about phones, they’re great at keeping you safe and reducing risks. Don’t neglect it.

Know when to leave

Sometimes, parties can start to get out of hand. A fight might break out – or someone could start acting inappropriately. Knowing how to party safely means knowing when to leave. If you ever start feeling vulnerable or at risk, it’s time to go. You should also listen to your friends when they feel like this. Good friends will leave together and respect each other’s safety. It’s not a party if you’re not having fun.

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