Trying Cannabis For The First Time – A Few Things To Consider

Cannabis, weed, pot, marijuana, whatever you call it, you’ve decided to try it for the first time, well you’ve done the right thing by having a quick read up on it first because there are a few things you should know if you want to have an enjoyable first experience. Here are 5 things you should consider before taking your first puff.

Do you know the effects?

Cannabis will get you high, which means you’re going to feel different. How different you feel will depend on how much you take and how you take it. It’s a very different feeling to that when you drink alcohol and people all react a little differently. These feelings can be a little scary if you don’t know what to expect, so it’s best to read up on what you will likely feel like ahead of time so that you can take it all in your stride.

  • Time feels different
    When smoking cannabis you may experience a shift in how time feels. Some people say that time slows down, they notice more and are able to feel everything more and pick up more subtle sounds in music.
  • Your heart rate will increase
    The THC in cannabis will lower your blood pressure, causing your heart rate to increase by between 20-50 beats per minute compensate. You may not notice this increase, but if you do, just relax.
  • You may get a dry mouth
    Dry mouth, or cottonmouth as some call it, is a common side effect of cannabis use and occurs because your body slows down saliva production. Sip on some water if you don’t like the feeling.
  • You may feel hungry
    Another common side effect of cannabis use is the munchies, and you may find yourself eating through a lot of snacks. This is because cannabis stimulates your appetite, making you want to eat.
  • You may feel emotional
    Euphoria, happiness, amused, creative – cannabis can make people feel a range of different emotions. Be aware that if it’s your first time and you smoke too much you may experience more negative emotions such as paranoia, or anxiety.

What kind of cannabis do you want to try?

There are thousands of different cannabis varieties out there, all of which stem from either the Indica, Sativa or hybrid cannabis plants. You may have heard some varieties of cannabis before from Lemon Haze to Blueberry Kush, Sensi seed varieties such as Cobalt Haze and Northern Lights, Bubba OG to Girl Scout Cookies and Cream, the type of cannabis you buy will determine its strength and also flavour profile.

How do you want to try it?

Another thing that will affect the potency of your first high will be how you choose to ingest the cannabis.

  • Smoking it
    Smoking cannabis is the most common way to ingest it. You will usually feel the high effects immediately and they will last for a couple of hours before wearing off.
  • Vapourising it
    Vapourising cannabis is a more discreet way of smoking it. The effects are still felt instantly.
  • Eating it
    Edibles are another way to get high, but be warned that they can take a couple of hours to kick in and when they do the high can last for up to 8 hours.
  • Using topicals
    Topicals are cannabis-infused products for the surface of the skin, they don’t really get you high but can help with certain skin conditions.
  • Tinctures
    Tinctures involve high concentrates of CBD and THC infused in alcohol, one drop of this can then be put on the tongue and induce a high effect within minutes.


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