Realizing It’s Time to Try Marijuana – How to Be Prepared

Cannabis has been the talk of the town for several years now and you realized it’s about time you try it for yourself. 33 states have already legalized medical marijuana and a few more legalized recreational ones. You say to yourself, “What am I waiting for?”

You’re quite unsure but you’re more than ready to take on the chance. You shouldn’t be scared of anything if you do the right thing the first time. First time experiences are always overwhelming and you just want to take it slow during this unique time. Here’s a couple of ways you can prepare yourself for what’s about to happen.

Consult With a Doctor

Before anything else, you should first consult with a doctor to see if you’re really qualified for medical marijuana. All of the states require medical marijuana patients to get their cards so that they can avail of the benefits only medical patients can.

But you might be wondering, “Where can I find a weed doctor near me?” That’s easy, just head on over to the search queries to find them. While it depends on where you live, marijuana doctors aren’t really that hard to find. Once you find a doctor, you can even ask for some tips before you actually go straight into weed.

Another important aspect is finding a doctor that specializes in your condition. Choosing the right doctor will be beneficial for you in the long run so definitely choose a doctor you’re going to be comfortable with.

Choose a Method

There are three common ways to try out medical marijuana for the first time. The first step is smoking it. Smoking or vaping can be a really tricky part because if you’re not a smoker yourself, you might find this a bit overwhelming. But this is a really cheap option and might even work out fine for you.

Second would be through creams and lotions. If you’re using medical marijuana to treat something on external parts of your body, this would be the best option. You don’t need to consume it, you can just simply rub it over the affected area. Of course, do a patch test to see if you’re compatible with it.

Last method would be edibles like weed gummies. Now, here’s the tricky part. Edibles used really have much larger contents that’s why they’re not really that recommended for beginners. As a first timer, you might need to ask the staff at the dispensary if the edible is a first-time friendly.

Other methods gaining popularity are tinctures, which provide easier ways to consume marijuana. It’s similar to liquid medicine that you just drop under your tongue and wait for it take effect. If you’re more comfortable in dealing with marijuana this way, feel free to try out flavored tinctures.

Start with a Low Dosage

Don’t get all excited by starting with a really high dose just to speed up the treatment. Doctors would recommend just starting with a low dose and slowly increasing it as your body gets used to it.

While CBD products have contents that vary from each other, you just can simply ask your budtender to help you out in choosing your first product. By simply asking for a low-dose product, you’re giving yourself a chance to control your pace without losing the point of the treatment.

According to surveys, people start with 20 to 40 milligrams everyday before they increased it to get their desired result. As mentioned earlier, you can just consult with your doctor about the best dosage for your condition and start from there.

Stay in a Comfy Area

This is absolutely crucial. Marijuana is no ordinary form of treatment and it’s best if you’re in an environment that’s completely safe and comfortable. Something new is going to enter your system and it will definitely feel foreign.

The effects take time before they fully take over and they last for at least 3 hours. With this time frame, you really need to clear up your schedule and just stay in one area where you know you’ll be safe.

Chances are you’ll be overwhelmed and you’ll need to stay put in order to understand what’s happening. As much as possible, also notify someone what you’re about to do so you can call somebody when you don’t like what you’re feeling.

Being a first-timer to marijuana doesn’t have to be as scary as you think it is. By starting with low dosages and slowly increasing it to your desired effect can help you check your pace. You’ll also start out fine with a doctor who’s more than willing to guide you through your first time. what are you waiting for? Find a doctor now and be a step closer to medical marijuana.

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