College students are in a strange but wonderful stage of life. In general, you have lots of time, but no money — lots of freedom, but also lots of stress. Not only do you wonder how you’ll pay for tonight’s pizza (or next semester’s tuition) but you’re busy trying to figure out which classes you like, and how you can apply what you’re learning in them to your future career.

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In order to get a bit more money into your wallet, you might want to consider getting a part or full-time job while in school. Here’s how to figure out which one is right for you:

Take a Personality Assessment

Typically, when you hear about how a job will be a good “fit,” it refers to how well an applicant will mesh with the company and the job duties. But it is also perfectly reasonable to assess how well the job will fit into your life and personality. Prior to sending out any applications, take at least one online quiz, such as Clifton’s StrengthsFinder or Glassdoor’s Job Quiz; the latter features questions that require you to take an honest look at your workplace preferences, including “who do you like to spend time with?” and “what is your biggest strength at work?” How you answer will help determine if you are better suited for a job where you work solo in a cubicle with no one bothering you or if you’d rather be part of a big group, and if you enjoy coming up with ideas on your own or being given a list of tasks to accomplish.

Check Out Websites

Now that you have a pretty good idea of what type of job you might enjoy, it is time to start researching a number of companies. Aside from job search sites, a great place to start is by looking at a variety of websites of the businesses that interest you most. Start with a company’s About Us page to learn about its values, goals and mission statement. If there is a company blog, browse through some of the posts and get a sense of the language that they use. If the writing is stiff and formal, the managers and atmosphere might be the same way.

A company that does a great job of setting realistic expectations for future employees and partners is Amway. A global leader in health and beauty, Amway’s site features information about the history of the company, the founders, available jobs, what they stand for and much more. If you are hoping to find a position that you can do from the comfort of your dorm room or apartment, Amway might be the perfect choice for you—the company hires Independent Business Owners to sell their high quality products, typically on your own schedule.

Ask Your Friends

Chances are good that you are not the only college student who is juggling classes and work. If some of your close buddies are also working, ask them about their jobs and what they like and don’t like about their tasks and responsibilities. Stick with friends who have similar personalities to yours and ask them if they feel welcome and at ease in their work or if they cannot wait to give notice and try another job. If a friend that you trust loves her job and the company’s website looks good, you might want to put in your application.

Enjoy Your New Job

While you definitely want to earn some money while you are in college, you don’t have to take any job that comes along. Your time is valuable as is your happiness, so it is worthwhile to do some advance research to determine which positions would be a good fit for you and your personality.

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