Staying Safe at College – 4 Steps You Can Take to Feel Safe on Campus

For many students, College is their first experience being away from home and having their first taste of freedom and independence. It’s exciting, fun and can also be a little nerve wracking too! Many freshman heading to college will be feeling an intense mixture of enthusiasm and trepidation when they step out on camps for the first time; will they enjoy their classes? Did they choose the right major? Will they make any new friends? How will stay safe whilst I’m away from home?

The answer to that last question is one every college student contemplates. So, here you’ll find some super helpful tips that will hopefully put your mind at ease and keep your safe on campus.

Speak up!

If there’s something on campus that doesn’t feel right, or you believe that something is putting you or other students at risk, then you need to speak up and get in touch with the correct department. From someone acting inappropriately, to problems with your accommodation, even safety issues in the parking lot, student bodies and campus services etc are there to help. Whether that’s helping someone directly or fixing a health and safety issue by speaking to the correct branch – such as a retailer of stop signs. Don’t dwell on things, speak out.

Locks are your new best friend

The last thing you want is your shiny new laptop going missing from your dorm room, or a neighbour from across the hall crashing through your door at 3am after a party. Keeping your doors locked securely means that you’re less likely to have unwanted guests and your belongings stolen. You might be familiar with a lot of people in the dorm, but you don’t know who they’re inviting over or whether or not they can be trusted. Be smart and keep a lock on things!

Listen to your instincts

It’s not difficult to make friends at college. You’re likely to meet likeminded people and have a blast, before you know it you’ll be socialising more than ever before. But if your friends introduce you to people they know, or you come across someone that makes you feel uneasy, that makes you feel uncomfortable then don’t tolerate it. Keep your wits about you and make your own judgements. You might have some great new friends, but don’t feel pressured to get along with everyone you cross paths with.

Eat before you drink!

College means parties and having fun and of course, alcohol is also invited. So, follow your moms advice and make sure you eat before you drink. This will help reduce the chances of you getting dangerously intoxicated too quickly – although self-control and common sense is also required if you want to have a good (safe) night and remember it the next morning… Go ahead, enjoy something like a pizza, pasta or another carb heavy treat that will reduce the chances of you getting into a dangerous situation and also waking up with your head pounding and that awful sickly feeling!

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