How To Beat A Migraine Fast

Migraines can strike at the worst times. If you’ve got exams coming up or an essay to finish, a migraine could be getting in the way. Here’s how you can stop the headache as quickly as possible.

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Try taking over-the-counter meds

Over-the-counter medicine such as ibuprofen or codeine could help to relieve pain. You do have to be careful as to how much you take and which painkillers you mix – ibuprofen and paracetomol are safe to take together (whereas aspirin and ibuprofen shouldn’t), and you should keep to no more than one of each every two hours.

Dim the lights

Bright lights can make a migraine worse. If you are able to, try lying down in a dark room for a while. Alternatively, you may be able to continue studying but with the lights on your laptop or phone dimmed.

Let down your hair

If your hair is tied up, it could be worth letting it down. This will relieve pressure on your scalp, which could help to ease your headache. Taking off hats could have a similar impact.

Grab a coffee

Migraines are commonly associated with coffee withdrawal – a cup of coffee may be able to ease the pain. Whilst this is not a long term solution to migraines, it could be worth trying if you need fast temporary relief.

Give CBG Oil a try

CBG oil contain cannabinoids which many people find to be an effective form of pain relief. Such oils can offer the numbing effects of cannabis without the THC high, making them suitable for use whilst studying.

Consume some ginger

Ginger has long been used to relieve pain ranging from stomach pain to joint pain. A cup of ginger tea could also provide some pain relief for a headache. There are other herbs like turmeric and devil’s claw that people also find effective.

Book a head massage

A head massage could be effective at relieving some of the pain and tension. Whilst you may be able to relieve pain by giving yourself a massage, a professional massage is likely to be more impactful.

Visit an IV drip bar

A number of IV drip bars have appeared in recent years that allow you to get hooked up to an IV drip. This is commonly used to cure hangovers and can even help people overcome illness like flus. Some people have also used it to flush out bugs causing migraines. This treatment is expensive but could be worth trying.


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