Finding the best study practices for your students isn’t always easy. There are so many factors that you have to take into account. And not just for one or two in your class, but for EVERY student!

When it comes to finding the most effective revision time, getting your students to excel, and helping them achieve their goals, it all goes hand in hand. Here are a few ways to help you find the best revision methods for your students!

Getting Rid of Distractions

Getting rid of all of the modern technological distractions, noise, environmental distractions, etc. is a great start to getting in the revision time your students need. There are a few typical study spots for students, that are great for getting their revision done successfully.

Whether they need no noise in the library, study best with the familiar noises of home, or work best in quiet solidarity, there’s a way for every student to conquer distractions! They will be able to be fully engaged with their revision, and will do so much better in school!

Learning Types

Each student is different. The way one student learns, won’t be a great model for the next. So when it comes to finding revision tips for teachers, finding out the best way each student learns should be top of the list!

Humans learn visually, kinesthetically (Learning through action), or even through auditory factors. Revision will work so much better if each student is aware of HOW they learn best, and how they can incorporate that learning style into their study time!

Help Schedule Out the Time

Students don’t always have a lot of free time to get their revisions into their busy lives. When it comes to studying, it is best to plan ahead, as study after study has shown that cramming for tests and exams last minute DOESN’T WORK! Help them schedule out the time and they will do far better on their tests and exams.

If you don’t have to tools to create a study schedule, then you can follow these simple steps!

  • Set a Goal and a Time
  • Figure out which subjects you need to study
  • Figure out what needs to be done for each exam
  • Schedule out your to do list based on priorities
  • Plan WAY AHEAD to schedule out your block revision time

These easy steps will help your students achieve their goals, start early, and get better scores!

Being a Teacher

One of the best ways to know whether a student really understands the material is to have them teach it to someone else! There have been many studies that confirm people show comprehension while teaching the material successfully to others. Making it a great tool for teachers to get in some revision time during a class!

By having the students teach a subject, or get someone else to comprehend the material, you will be able assess their own comprehension of the lesson. Not only will you know what THEY understand, but they may be helping other students understand as well!


Revisions aren’t the end of the world. Taking the time to relax, take a break, and give the material a rest has been proven to help students in the long run. When it comes to getting a great score, or finally understanding a key point in a lecture, students need to take the time to let their minds have a BREAK!

Students should also not be afraid to celebrate all of their hard work! They can help themselves achieve their goals, by setting an amazing reward for all of their hard work at the end of finals! This is a fantastic tool to help students get the most out of their revision time!

Labor and Love

Teaching is a labor of love, and finding the right ways get the most effective revision time for your students, isn’t always easy! From knowing what kind of learner they are, to setting a reward for themselves, there are a lot of fabulous ways to make studying easier for students. Use this helpful guide to find the best and most effective revision time for your students!

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