All over the world, the Doctorate of Philosophy is considered to be one of the highest honors that a learned person can get based on his/her excellence in education. It’s not just a test for which you can study and pass with flying colors. It is a decade of hard work and resilience that gets you a PhD.

Many aspirational students draft a whole blueprint of their careers before it even begins. There’s no doubt that life gives you lemons in between, but in case you are sturdy as a rock, you will achieve you long term goal. This isn’t a pep talk and we are talking about this because many students believe that getting a PhD is the best thing that can happen to their professional careers.

We are going to present five super-legitimate reasons why a PhD isn’t the only way to go. Also, we are going to highlight other options that one can look for when it comes to Doctorate.

5 Reasons NOT to get a PhD

  1. It takes time: There is no hiding the fact that a PhD takes way too much of your very valuable time. PhD aspirants usually go for it at a very crucial time of their careers, which means that they cannot afford a slip-up. Even if they miss a single deadline, there’s a chance that their PhD voyage will continue for longer.
  2. Financial Constraints: Time isn’t the only resource that PhD requires from aspirants. The financial exhaustion of resources doesn’t gradually occur, but one needs a fixed source of income if s/he is gearing up for a PhD. It takes almost 6 to 8 years to gear up for the doctorate and if you don’t have a fixed source of income, your finances might gradually deplete.
  3. Area of Interest: If you are going for a PhD just because it is something to tick off from your career wish list, then you better have a good understanding of it. If you go for a PhD just because you want the salutation of a Doctor before your name, save the efforts. You would have to choose your area of interest and work on it for a long time to come. Changing your mind midway would be nothing less than a tectonic shift.
  4. Its Hard: PhD is not as easy as reading tonnes of books and penning all their summaries down in a notebook. A PhD is tough nut to crack and it requires lot of hard work to get the word ‘Doctor’ behind your name.
  5. Personal Life: People dedicate a major chunk of their lives to get a PhD. Due to constant work pressure and constant struggles to balance work life with personal life, it takes a toll on person. If you are looking to live a healthy lifestyle, you would have to find the right equation between work, family and PhD.

Get an Online Doctorate without Dissertation!

One of the major reasons that make PhD petrifying to the core is the dissertation. This long research paper has to be based on an original idea and has to be done from a scratch. This might sound like a simple task, but research papers take years to complete because of real long dissertations.

Here are the three best Online Doctorates that are definitely worth having a look if you are considering going for one. Do note that you won’t have to submit a dissertation to make it through these which would save you a lot of valuable time. For more information, visit

Online Doctorate Program in Education

If your dream was to step into the classroom and give the gift of wisdom to students, you should go for online doctorate in education. There are two ways you can get a Doctorate in Education—a PhD in Education and Doctorate in Education.

In case of PhD in Education, it goes just like a normal PhD. You take the whole PhD route, do your deeds and spend years writing that dissertation. However, in case of a Doctorate in Education (EdD) there is no research paper involved. It gets you ready for ground zero, as you will learn a lot through practical experiences in schools and colleges.

You would have to opt for a degree program and specialization that is in sync with your future career aspirations. You shouldn’t settle for anything less than your true calling.

Online Doctorate of Business Administration

In the world of business administration, a doctorate is the highest recognized honor. People work for years and years in their life to get there. Surprisingly, an online Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) doesn’t need a dissertation to get there. All you got to do is comply with capstone and consulting projects.

There is a long range is specializations that one can choose from while going for online DBA:

  • Accounting
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • Global Supply Chain Management
  • Healthcare Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Information Technology Management
  • International Business
  • Leadership
  • Marketing
  • Project Management

It’s not like there is a one-size-fits-all capstone project that would be common for all. The capstone and consulting projects vary from one specialization to another. You should definitely look into this possibility if you are into business.

Online Doctorate of Psychology (PsyD) Program

For someone who is into psychology, a PsyD might turn out to be a career transforming move. There is a myth that when it comes to PsyD, one can’t make it through without a research paper. But psychology is a sensitive subject of study, and a practical capstone project would be crucial rather than a research paper. For a detailed guide, visit

PhD isn’t the only way to scale up the ladder. You can earn a doctorate in many other ways. These online doctorate programs are always there to help you out. Make your choice—Good luck with your future endeavors!

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