Everybody wants to look young and healthy because it makes us feel better about ourselves. Nobody wants to appear older than they are or look as if they are exhausted because of dark circles and puffiness under our eyes. This happens when the blood vessels under our eyes become dilated. Genetics and age are contributing factors that we can’t control, but there are certainly things you can do within your power to avoid those unsightly patches underneath your eyes.


1. Don’t Put Too Much Strain On Your Eyes


Eyestrain can be caused by a lot of squinting and is becoming more common in the digital age, with prolonged exposure to digital devices like televisions, computer screens, smartphones, etc. It can be especially difficult to avoid if you work at a computer for your job. A lot of people spend a significant amount of time looking at screens and increases our exposure to blue light which can cause other complications with your vision and sleep alike. A few things you can do is take constant breaks and look away from the screen as often as you can, keep the screen a few feet from your eyes, as well as other tips for preventing eye strain.



2. Don’t Stay Up Too Late


Sleep is crucial for our appearance as well as our physical health. Not getting enough sleep can cause those dark circles because the skin under your eyes becomes thinner and the blood vessels expand. You should also prevent sleeping on your stomach to avoid fluid build up that causes puffy eyes. The bags you get as a result can cause a shadowy appearance which can be a lot harder to cover up. Getting to bed on time, getting enough quality sleep, and sleeping on your back can prevent sleep deprivation and exhaustion which ultimately cause those dark circles and bags.


3. Don’t Drink Alcohol and Caffeine


Alcohol and Caffeine at night can cause you to be dehydrated, especially because you are less likely to replenish the fluids that your skin needs in order to be healthy.  Not drinking enough water is not good for your skin or your health. . It can lead to those dark circles as well as sunken eyes, shadows, and even fine lines or wrinkles. Dehydration affects your sleep which can in turn affect your skin and your overall health. Stay hydrated leading up to bedtime and avoid caffeine at night and you should drink alcohol in moderation. If you do drink alcohol or a caffeinated beverage, make sure to rehydrate afterwards before falling asleep and keep water by your bed for when you wake up thirsty.



4. Don’t Cause Irritation


The skin under your eyes is very thin and thus more susceptible to irritation and trauma. Any number of things can cause increase irritation to your eyes including make-up remover, hot water, or anything with harsh chemicals. You want to be as gentle as you can with the skin under your eyes. Find a fragrance-free make-up remover. You should rinse with cold water as hot water can contribute to puffiness as well. You could also try using a cold compress, a cool gel eye mask, or even cucumber slices which could help reduce any swelling or irritation to the skin under your eyes.


5. Don’t Forget to Moisturize


Using a moisturizing at night can soothe the puffiness under your eyes and rejuvenate your skin to get rid of those dark circles under your eyes. It can either be applied and rinsed off after a few minutes or you can even leave it on overnight for better results.



Although we cannot prevent genetics or aging, which are two common causes of those pesky dark circles beneath our eyes, there are things that we can avoid that will help to prevent them from showing up prematurely. Limiting screen time, getting to bed on time, avoiding alcohol and caffeine, not causing excessive irritation, and moisturizing are all preventative measures that we can take before bed to avoid waking up with dark, puffy eyes. They can be hard to conceal and there are certainly ways to do so, but the best way to avoid getting them is to try to prevent them from happening in the first place

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