Tips for Having Student House-Mates for the First Time

Going away to university can be really exciting and living with other people who are studying like you can feel really liberating if it is the first time you have lived away from home. However, there can end up being a lot of disputes between students who live together. Therefore, keeping a good relationship with the people you live with can be very important to having a good experience at college.

Here we look at some of the most common reasons why students fall out when they live together, and how you can manage these situations to get a good experience of student life if you are going away to university or college this September.

Using the Facilities

Most student housing offers the facilities that you need in terms of things like kitchen and bathroom features. If you choose to go with a company specialising in student housing, such as Almero Student Mansions, you will definitely have access to everything you need to live a comfortable life while you are studying. However, how you share facilities may become a point of contention. Don’t spend too long in the bathroom and make sure you leave it clean. The same is true of the kitchen. Make sure you don’t leave dishes you have used to fester. Wash things you have used and be sure that the other students you live with have all the facilities free to use when they need them. If this is something that may prove an issue for you, high-end accommodation providers such as Almero Student Mansions include a cleaning service in the rent price.


One thing that can cause issues in student houses is when one member of the household gets into a relationship. People tend to invite their partners over to stay a lot, and this can be something that makes housemates uncomfortable. Nobody really wants to think they can’t go in their own living room because they will have to deal with a couple being all over each other. This problem can be dealt with quite easily by just talking to your housemates. Tell them that you want your new partner to come over and that they will probably stay the night sometimes and will also need to use the bathroom facilities and other features of the house. Just make sure it doesn’t feel like your new boyfriend or girlfriend is moving in for free!


When you are at university, your social life is likely to be quite active. However, you are also there to study, and so are the people you are living with. Noise can prevent people from working, and also make it hard for them to get the rest they need to be able to perform at their best. Try not to cause any noise by using headphones when you listen to music or watch videos, and by talking to friends outside rather than in the next room to a housemate who may be trying to study or sleep.

Student life can be a lot of fun, but it is very important to respect the needs of the people you live with and not make their university experience difficult!

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