House parties are quite possibly the best way for you to unwind.

The best thing about them is that you can stay in the comfort of a house but you have the atmosphere of a bar. You also see stuff that you would never see when you’re out in public and the best thing about it is that you can get all of this under one roof. If you are new to college however and you want to attend a house party, here are some do’s and don’ts.

Do: Drink Before You Go

When you show up to a house party sober, the whole thing can be intimidating. For this reason, it’s a good idea to meet up with a friend beforehand and have a few beverages. You don’t need to go crazy, and most of the time it’s nice to have something that will just take the edge off so

you can relax when you arrive.

Don’t: Use the Fridge

If you think that nobody is watching you when you go to the fridge, you’re wrong. As soon as you put a beer in the fridge, it’s free for all and if you don’t want to share then you can carry a backpack with you. You can also keep it next to you so you always have a can to hand.

Do: Try and Socialise

If you are at a house party and you talk with the same people who you see every single day then this won’t be much fun. You need to try and mingle with other people and you also need to try and make some new friends while you are at it. There is absolutely no harm in doing this and it could make all the difference to your party experience.

Don’t: Fall Asleep

You really don’t want to be the one person who is asleep at a party. You will miss out on all of the fun and there is a high chance that some pictures will be taken of you at the same time as well. If you need some energy, go for a brisk walk, go out and vape (if you smoke) or even chat with someone outside. If you want to buy something to vape, check out Vapor Vanity.

Do: Stay Safe

House parties can be great, but if you end up having a little too much to drink then they aren’t so fun. Try and limit your alcohol intake and make sure that you are always having a glass of water in-between beverages. This will help you to stay sober when compared and it will also help to stop you from getting dehydrated the next day. After all, the last thing that you want is to be hungover when you are trying to take an exam, so it helps to be smart and to always stay in control of what you are drinking.

Remember that there is absolutely no harm in you not taking part in drinking games and that you can always leave whenever you want.

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