Quick Tips For Better Oral Health As A Student

Looking after your oral health as a student can be hard, and with your favourite takeaway just around the corner, it can be even harder to protect your teeth from nasty cavities. Luckily for you, achieving better oral health as a student doesn’t mean giving up the things you love. Whilst you may need to cut down on the amount of microwavable meals you consume, with these quick tips, you can easily protect your smile!

Visit The Dentist Regularly

When you go to college or university, it’s easy to forget about going to the dentist, however, it’s paramount that you take a trip back home from time to time to visit your best friend – the dentist. If you’re unable to go home for whatever reason, consider moving dentists, such as to a London dentist if your campus is based in London. This way, you can rest assured that you are doing your best to maintain good oral health, and should you experience pain or have a tooth-related issue down the line, you can be confident knowing that you’ll be able to get the help you need.

Take Your Diet Into Consideration

As a student, it’s easy to order takeaway each night. With a student loan waiting not-so patiently to be spent, the odd take away here and there won’t do any harm – right? Wrong. Whilst fast food is OK from time to time, eating food packed with sugar is not only bad for your oral health, but your overall health too. In order to maintain good oral health, it’s paramount that you eat a balanced diet, and one that is relatively healthy. You might not be able to see the difference right now, but you’ll certainly thank us in the future!

Get Empowered With An Electric Toothbrush

Waking up in the morning is a challenge for most, but even more so if you’re a student. Having rolled out of bed after a heavy night out, few of us want to spend time in front of the mirror getting ready, which is why an electric toothbrush could be your new best friend. Whilst you will need to put in some effort, by using an electric toothbrush instead of a manual toothbrush, you can better look after your oral health for less of the fuss. Plus, with so many electric toothbrushes available to choose from on the market, you’ll be able to find one within a suitable price bracket with ease!

Remember The One Hour Rule!

Few of us brush our teeth after eating, and if we do, it’s immediately after we’ve taken our last mouthful. Whilst you might believe that you are doing the best thing for your oral health by doing so, you’re not. On average, it takes 40-minutes for the mouth to neutralise the acid caused by food consumption. Due to this, it’s best to wait at least 60-minutes before brushing your teeth, as brushing too soon will causes tiny parts of your enamel to be brushed away alongside the food caught in the crevices of your mouth.

Teeth Are NOT Tools

For better oral health as a student, remember that your teeth are not tools. If your university party trick is to open a bottle of your favourite beverage with your teeth, or you’re forever biting open the crisp packet with your teeth in order to save time away from the keyboard, think about the damage you’re doing to your teeth. Instead of using your teeth, invest in a bottle opener or borrow your roommate’s. Whilst you most likely won’t get the applause you want, you certainly won’t lose a tooth – and which is better?

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