Creative Business Opportunities On Campus

You’re barely out in the real world, but you’re just not ready yet. Well, the system says you’re not really ready yet with regards to academic prowess which is why you’re in college, to begin with. Luckily for you, if you’re hungry to make a success out of yourself regardless of where you are, where there is a business will, there’s always a way. Don’t wait until you leave campus before you start making money because if you’re savvy, there are opportunities as long as your arm that is just waiting out there. So where is the ‘out there’? It’s right in front of your nose no less, yes at the university and college campuses. Who would be the customers? Well, your fellow students and faculty of course. But what could you possibly do to generate money from within this little ecosystem?

Graphics designers

The fantastic thing about college is that everywhere you look there are people with hidden talents. It can seem like their motivation is powered by rocket fuel because they’re young, full of energy and want to stamp their ideas on the world. For the savvy student, he or she should think about starting a graphics design business from right within your dorm rooms. All that’s needed is the art of persuasion to be implemented on students that are studying art and design. With a good business plan, you can start to offer small businesses the skills of the artists and computer model designs of those working in the design courses. You can all meet up together and you as the leader can distribute work you get from clients that email you with their requirements. Payment is shared among those who are involved, and thus the cycle continues.

Tutoring service

Not everyone takes to college like a fish to water and many in fact struggle with their studies. Lecturers and other relevant faculty don’t have endless amounts of time at their disposal to meet up with these students and solve their problems. Students that are achieving the required grades and higher can act as tutors to these struggling students; for a fee of course. So why wouldn’t they just go independent and earn their own money, why would they need to be in your business? Well, you can post a bulletin that is accessible to everyone and students that are falling behind contact you directly. You can then dispatch the tutor that knows their subject and continually provide them with students. For safety, your tutors can make sure they are meeting with a person that is who they say they are by using the identity verification technology from All you need to do is hold up an ID card such as a student ID or even a driver’s license to a smartphone’s camera. The data shown is then studied and through a series of checks is authenticated by the software.

There’s money to be made, but only those who can see the gaps between the hedgerow will get ahead. There is absolutely no reason why you should wait until you have graduated to start paying off your college fees.

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