5 Ways to Work in a Hospital

A hospital job is a truly remarkable career choice. Hospitals are centers of healing, hope, and tragedy, and your day as a hospital employee will be filled with pressure, adrenaline, and deep satisfaction. Maybe you’re searching for a career that allows you to help people, and you’re drawn to the idea of being there for the sick and injured.

When it comes to working in a hospital, careers as a doctor or nurse are probably already on your radar. There are several other hospital careers you can consider, however, that allow you to work in the medical field without being a medical professional. If you’re interested in nursing, doctoring, or any other hospital job, consult the following list. If you want to work in a hospital, you’ve got options.


A faster degree than nursing, being a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) can get you working in hospitals and helping patients in less time. The wage is still good, and you get to be a part of the hospital scene, without spending as much time in school. As a CNA, you’d check vitals, help patients get comfortable, and help patients dress.


A full four year degree, a nursing degree can offer you many options. Nurses make good money, are in almost-constant demand, and they can work in a variety of different medical fields. Good accredited online nursing programs make the degree easier than ever to obtain, so if you’re attracted to nursing, you can start checking out your options right away.


The most skilled job within a hospital, doctors make around $200,000 a year, depending on location and experience. They do, however, spend ten or so years in school and training, and the studying leaves them almost no free time. If you’re willing to study and do nothing else, you could enter one of the most valuable careers on the planet.

Healthcare Administration

Stepping away from the medical field, healthcare administration is a career vital to all hospitals, but not medically focused. Healthcare administrators ensure that hospitals are run smoothly, almost like a business manager for the hospital. To work as a healthcare administrator, you need a master’s degree. Check out a Master of Healthcare Administration at Boston College to see if this job looks right for you.

Social Worker

Not concerned with medical procedures or hospital management, a social worker is there for the emotional and psychological needs of the patient. Social workers ensure that patients don’t fall into depression or have their personal needs neglected during their stay. For a hospital career as a social worker, you’d need a master’s degree, but you’d likely find the work deeply rewarding.

Working in a hospital allows you to thrive in one of the most challenging, important institutions in the world. Hospital work will never be boring, it will sometimes be heartbreaking, but it will always be worth it. If one of these five careers sounds right for you, start researching how you could play a part in hospital care.

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