As a student with reduced mobility, it can often be difficult finding that level of independence that you require in order to accurately meet your needs, while ensuring personal growth. Finding a college that meets your requirements is particularly important, and with some colleges going above and beyond for their students, the use of wheelchairs and mobility scooters on campus is easier than ever. This allows an all-encompassing environment for all students looking to enjoy further education. Here, we’re taking a look at the most accessible college campuses in the world.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA

This particular university is well-known for its history of wheelchair access, and they were one of the very first educational establishments in the US to go above and beyond for their less-mobile students. They were one of the first establishments to implement a wheel-chair accessible bus system to allow students to easily manoeuvre around campus, and they even implemented a competitive wheelchair sports program in order to be fully inclusive for their students. In addition to this, they have implemented numerous academic support programs, campus life support programs and additions to accommodation which allows all students to stay on campus comfortably.

University of Heidelberg, Germany

Initiated by Heidelberg’s Representative for People with Disabilities, Heidelberg implemented mobile ramps across campus in order to approve the entire campus’ accessibility. In addition to the campus, this was also implemented across the city, allowing easier access into shops and other buildings for students in the area. Across the campus, there are numerous residences which have disabled access and partial disabled access in order to cater for every type of student. This includes wet rooms, wheelchair accessibility and also a room for carers in some of the residences.

University of Kent, UK

The University of Kent offers plenty of student support and wellbeing practices, particularly when it comes to those with reduced mobility. Not only do they provide on-campus support in regards to making the entire university wheelchair-friendly, but the University of Kent also offers numerous accessible resources, such as documents, presentations and spreadsheets, which are much more easily read by those with other types of disabilities. The implementation of assistive or enabling technologies allows the campus to provide an all-encompassing learning experience, and opens up numerous opportunities for both disabled students and disabled staff.

University of Melbourne, Australia

Australia is a popular study-abroad option for students, and the University of Melbourne encompasses this opportunity by providing fully-accessible campuses and study programs for those with all disabilities. The campus itself is fully wheelchair accessible and residencies have also been adapted in order to ensure all students are catered for. Interestingly, it’s not just the campus that offers exciting opportunities for those with reduced mobility and other disabilities. Due to the young and progressive nature of the country, much of Melbourne is wheelchair-friendly, with an abundance of ramps and accessible public transportation.

University of Arizona, Tuscon, USA

One of the biggest benefits of the University of Arizona is the flatness of the campus, which makes wheelchair accessibility much more prominent. In addition to this, the warm temperatures offered in Arizona allows for plenty of opportunities for those with disabilities. However, it is their Disability Resource Centre that allows the campus to be named as one of the most accessible college campuses in the world. With an incredibly adaptive athletics program, accessible study abroad opportunities and extensive career advice and services, on top of the standard transportation options available.

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