DynaTrap Takes a Progressive Step in our Relentless Battle with Mosquitoes

The sketchy insect party is over, so now you can enjoy patio BBQs and your life pest free thanks to the highly innovated insect trap known as DynaTrap. Northwestern and Harvard MBA holders, Juan Rocha and James Hunter were able to revolutionize how to trap harmful bugs without pesticides or chemicals.

By considering why insects are attracted to people, Juan and James cleverly developed a new way to trick bugs into a trap.

DynaTrap uses UV light and CO2 to mimic human beings and maximize predatory insect attraction. The carbon dioxide we emit with every exhale is truly what mosquitoes and other unwelcomed insects love, hence the DynaTrap’s CO2 generator. The contraption’s UV light plays as a warming mechanism to replicate our breathe as well as reels in bugs with its glow.

Once the insect is trapped, a silent vacuum will whisk them down into a retaining cage where they will soon dehydrate, making for a perfect dinner for your fam’s pet iguana or tarantula. The cage makes for a super easy clean up process and ensures no nasty bug parts fall to the floor like what happens with other insect zappers.

DynaTrap is uniquely chemical and pesticide-free, affordable, easy to maintain, environmentally friendly and most importantly—effective.

While the trap protects your family and pets against a variety of harmful, disease-carrying insects; it doesn’t trap beneficial, pollinating insects like honeybees, dragonflies, and butterflies so your garden can still flourish.

Learn more by viewing the video below: 

Finally, the days of lathering your body up with a slew of toxic chemicals after you just showered are over when you bring Dynatrap into your life. It is time to revolutionize by eliminating all unnecessary chemicals from our lives and by purchasing Dynatrap you will be making that progressive step.

As you may know, size matters and so does style, discover what insect trap best suits your needs. The prices range from $44.00 to $229.00 based on size and design. Check out some of the chic to standard Dynatrap’s below.

Sonata Series Insect Trap [PREMIUM DESIGN] $149

DT2000XLP Decora Insect Trap [PREMIUM DESIGN] $229


DT1260 Sonata Series Insect Trap $159

Catch more with DynaTrap’s brightest bulb ever.

photo credit DynaTrap

DT1775 Insect Trap $189

Sonata DT150 Indoor Insect Trap $44

Take Dynatrap’s lightweight travel-friendly model along with you on your next camping trip.

Compact Insect Trap $44

After the Florida Department of Health reported that the state’s first sexually transmitted case of Zika has been found in Pinellas County, bringing the statewide total to 90 cases this year, DynaTrap is more vital than ever. It is especially important to invest in a Dynatrap if you are planning a summer or semester outside the country.

DynaTrap’s technology provides a lifelong protection against disease-infested mosquitoes, biting flies, moths, wasps, and more. Simply plug-and-hang the DynaTrap 24/7 to completely disrupt the mosquito life cycle and rest easy knowing DynaTrap is defending you. Learn more by clicking here.

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