A Plan For Successful Fundraising in College

Smart Fundraising Starts With a Plan

Sports teams, marching bands, theater groups. Everyone needs money to ensure they can continue their activities and buy the equipment or uniforms they need. Not many people like to ask others for money, though, so creativity is required. There are plenty of good fundraising options that don’t make donors feel they are not getting any return on their investments. With a solid plan before getting started on a fundraising event or campaign, things can run more smoothly. Here are a few essential points that should be part of every strategy.

Set a Goal

No matter if you are planning a buy-a-plate dinner or a bake sale, your group should have a monetary goal in mind. This figure will help you decide how many tickets must be sold for the dinner or how many cookies you need to make. There will be many factors that deduct money from what you take in at the event, so be certain to account for expenses when setting your fundraising goal. Your net gain will depend on your budget for the event, actual expenses, and how much the fundraiser brings in.

Pick a Leader

Someone has to be in charge of fundraising efforts. Otherwise, you risk chaos and a potential loss of money if you have to pay to have problems remedied. Ideally, there would be a committee of people in charge of the event, but for a smaller fundraiser, a single person will do. He or she will be the person whom everyone can come to for guidance. If possible, a different planner should be in charge of the finances so the first person doesn’t get overwhelmed.

Get the Merch

One of the most lucrative options for raising money, even in conjunction with an event, is to offer branded merchandise that promotes and supports the fundraiser. Worldwide Sport Supply is one ASI distributer offering this service. Clothing, professional items, or stickers printed with the group’s logo and the date of the event or a supportive message can be purchased at a low cost and priced up to contribute to the fundraising effort. Logo merchandise allows supporters to make a donation in another way and tout their loyalty at the same time.

Include an Online Option

To bring in the most funds possible, it’s a good idea to offer a method for contributing online. Not everyone will be able to attend the fundraising event, but they might like to support the mission. Plus, an online donation portal on the group’s website can attract funds even when the event is still in the planning phase. If it’s possible, photos that demonstrate the impact the donated money will make can be very powerful in encouraging additional giving.

Say Thanks

Donors are more likely to become sustaining supporters if they feel as though their donations are appreciated and go to good use. Groups planning fundraisers should plan to send thank-you notes or list the names of donors in a public way. Of course, it’s hard to thank people who buy cookies at the bake sale, but you can give them a note with their treats that acknowledges their purchases and tells them more about the fundraising group.

Fundraising doesn’t have to mean difficult door-to-door candy sales and asking the same people for money over and over again. With a sound plan of attack, good leadership and a solid amount of effort, fundraising can bring in money without frustration.

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