Restaurant Gaming: How Social Gaming Is Changing The Dining Experience

Restaurant Gaming
Restaurant gaming is changing the social dynamic of restaurants.

Most restaurants are themed around a certain type of cuisine.

Restaurant owners looking for more originality base their décor on geographic areas, significant moments on the timeline, or even draw inspiration from literature. Today though, some restaurant owners are finding that an emphasis on gaming is the way to draw in crowds, especially the younger crowd.

A Full-Game Experience

Maybe you have friends who spend hours deep within the fantasy world of their favorite MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role-playing game). Sometimes these individuals get so focused on their game that they neglect to eat or socialize.

Gaming restaurants may be able to provide a solution for both of these situations. Gamers can eat and get out into public without much interruption to their game.

A More Moderate Take on Gaming in Restaurants

A small number of truly inspired restaurant owners have based the entire dining experience on some of the most popular online games. Most restaurants, however, have taken a more moderate approach to the combination of eating and gaming.

In your own neighborhood, you may have noticed that it is convenient (and free) to connect your smartphone or tablet through the restaurant’s Internet. Maybe you aren’t excited about delving into the underground world of the most popular online role-playing game. If you are like many others, then you do enjoy the chance to log in to check your fantasy sports team.

Take a look at the interesting course that gaming in restaurants has taken over the years and some other related facts in the following infographic.

photo credit: DSCF1612 via photopin (license)

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