8 Growing Career Fields With High Pay and High Demand

8 Careers in High Demand
These careers are not only in demand, but pay well too!

Just when it seems the stress from working so vigorously toward your degree is finally dissipating, young adults are quick to get slapped in the face by the real world.

These days simply obtaining that coveted piece of paper is often not enough; landing that dream job not only requires persistence and a specialized field, but strategic networking and positioning. Though this is especially true for non-specialized fields, still those in low demand usually require some kind of foot already in the door.

Not to fear – there are still plenty of high-paying, in-demand jobs.

Thankfully certain fields are flourishing, and preparing from early in your education can set you up to be on the fast track to success. The economic landscape is finally beginning to shift in the Millenial Generation’s favor and you don’t need to spend a decade in school obtain a comfortable living. Whether your areas of interest lie within health and wellness or software development, there are plenty of careers ready for you to dive right in, with salaries starting as high as $42,000 per year! Stop procrastinating, hit the books, and take the next step to a lucrative career that aligns with your passions!

Below are 8 growing career fields with high pay and high demand.


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