Valentine’s Day: A Single Girl’s Guide to Embracing the Day

For every perpetually single girl, there is one day of the year that is universally hated.

Rosen Georgiev /
Rosen Georgiev /

You guessed it, it’s Valentine’s Day and it’s back yet again.

February 14th is the pits. Nothing is sucks more than walking into CVS to stock up on $0.66 Arizona Iced Teas and instead being bombarded by an entire store full of those boxes of little heart shaped antacid candies and “massage dice” which are pretty inappropriate for a neighborhood pharmacy in the first place. On top of that, your friends with boyfriends will be super obnoxious on social media about how great their relationships are. But don’t break out the Ben and Jerry’s just yet, fellow single girl, it’s not too late to still have a good time on this holiday from hell.

In fact, here are a few of the perks of Valentine’s Day that’ll keep you positive and help you to embrace the day!

An Excuse to Drink:

As college students, any minor achievement or holiday is cause for celebration. Valentine’s Day is no exception. While your coupled friends are silently gazing into each others’ eyes at some overpriced restaurant, get your single ladies together and break open the wine. The best part? You’re bitter and alone, so you have a day long free pass to drink as much as your liver can handle.

Single Girl’s Day Out:

Parks and Recreation’s Leslie Knope has given us great inspiration for successful, single ladies, but none greater than the introduction of Galentine’s Day. Galentine’s Day is a day designed specifically to enjoy the company and love of your best gal pals. Instead of sulking over not having a boyfriend to spend the day with, use Valentine’s Day to be thankful for the good friends in your life and to celebrate each other. Put on some real pants, go out to dinner, see whatever movie is currently out based on a Nicolas Sparks book, and just have a good time with your best friends. Getting out of the house and making plans is going to be a million times better than sitting alone in the dark watching “He’s Just Not That Into You” again. Plus, you may find yourself with a new tradition to look forward to!

Discounted Candy:

Lastly, the absolute best part of Valentine’s Day is *drum roll* discounted candy! On February 15th, march right into your nearest supermarket and pack a cart full of half off Reese’s and Russell Stover chocolates. This is the last time until Easter that delicious candy will be at a price that college students can afford, so take advantage of it. Plus, you don’t need a man to buy you your future diabetes shaped in a heart, and you can treat yourself to as much as you want.

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