Spring Break Schedule: Who Gets Out When and Where They Usually Go

Spring Break Schedule
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Like most college kids, you are probably looking forward to Spring Break. You are probably looking forward to not thinking about school for a while and just chilling out. Leaving behind those resident assistants and your teachers for some fun in the sun, without the worry of homework or final exams.   But you need to plan early, in order to be at the best places. In fact, it’s never to early to plan. Because those hot spots will book up and quickly.  So where are the best places to go and how soon do we get out?

Spring Break Schedule: Who gets out when and where they usually go

Okay kids, school’s out! At least for a week or so. Usually the time for Spring Break is around the middle or towards the end of March. You will need to check with your school for the specifics. But usually it’s between the dates of March 8th and April the 1st. For some schools it can happen as early as February 22nd or around than. But for most schools is around the March-April time slot. Again, you will need to check with your school for the exact dates.

Where should we go

Well that is the all-consuming question for many college kids. Some don’t like to repeat the places that they visited last year. This could be for a variety of reasons too. Some want to go and explore some new places. Others had some regrets about the last time and they don’t want to have a repeat. But whatever you reasoning is, there are some very exciting places for you to consider going this year, if you haven’t already planned it out.

Places to go without a passport

Seeing as that it is Spring Break and you just want something simple and uncomplicated, there are places that you can go where you don’t need a passport. Many go to Mexico, but you will need a passport. Mexico is a hot spot for many college kids and it doesn’t really cost a lot.  You can also try the Caribbean. You will need to understand the workings of US customs, but traveling there is not a big deal.

You can also try Hawaii. Now for some it may seem like a trip that you took with your parents. But if you make it your own, you can come away from the trip with your own story. There is also a trip to Vermont to consider. If you don’t like fun in the sun or sandy beaches and skiing is more your thing, than try their resorts. If you love winter time, this will be a great time for you and your friends.  There is also Florida and places like Myrtle Beach to think about. Yes, you might have done Florida and Myrtle Beach in the past, but there are many site to see still. If you enjoyed going down there last year, try for it again. I’m sure there are many sites that you didn’t get to see last year, that you want to see this year.

Spring Break is coming soon

Don’t delay. Start making your arrangements now, if you haven’t already done so. Like I said, these places can fill up fast and you only get about a week or so to enjoy this time.  Than it’s back to class and those pesky exams. So make the most of your Spring Break this year. Make it a time you won’t forget.

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